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Manhigut Yehudit: The Jewish Leadership Movement

Under the leadership of MK Moshe Feiglin

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Who are we? Jews? Israelis? Just partners in a large insurance firm called the State of Israel? What is our shared narrative?

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The State of Israel is ours. We are not enslaved to it.

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Does our state have a goal? Do we have a Holy Temple somewhere out there on the horizon? What is our shared destiny?

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When Emunah is not Enough: By Shmuel Sackett

1 Elul, 5774/August 27, ‘14
The big word on the streets these days is “Emunah”. Best selling books such as “The Garden of Emunah” can be found everywhere and shiurim on this important subject are given daily. I am a big […]

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Make Gaza the Israeli Riviera of the Middle East: By Moshe Feiglin

The collapse of support for PM Netanyahu (from 82% during the ground incursion in Gaza to 38% today) was to be expected. The job of every state and head of state is to provide his/her citizens with security. If the […]

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Moshe Feiglin: Key to Victory in Gaza and World Peace on Temple Mt.

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Reader to PM: Adopt Moshe Feiglin’s Plan for Gaza

Dear PM Netanyahu,
My name is Mr. Henoch and I am a Christian-Zionist from The Netherlands.
On Friday a 4-year Israeli/Jewish child in South Israel was killed/murdered by a mortar shell attack of the Islamic Jihad terror faction from Gaza.
We love you, and […]

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Yonatan Knickerbocker on Israellycool: What are we Afraid of?

Let’s discuss Israeli politics today. I know, election season isn’t here yet and we have an ongoing “operation” in Gaza and it’s not the time to discuss such things. Perhaps though, it is exactly the time to discuss this. You see, those […]

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Jerusalem Post: Likud MK Feiglin Proposes Paying Arabs to Leave Gaza

Israel should be paying Arab families $100,000 each to leave the Gaza Strip and move to a different country, Likud MK Moshe Feiglin proposed Monday in a controversial post on his personal Facebook page.
Feiglin suggested the idea as his own […]

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