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Manhigut Yehudit: The Jewish Leadership Movement

Under the leadership of Moshe Feiglin

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Who are we? Jews? Israelis? Just partners in a large insurance firm called the State of Israel? What is our shared narrative?

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The State of Israel is ours. We are not enslaved to it.

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Does our state have a goal? Do we have a Holy Temple somewhere out there on the horizon? What is our shared destiny?

Our Latest Posts

The Most Dangerous Form of Holocaust Denial: By Moshe Feiglin

I once gave a lift to a young woman who was a guide at the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem. “Na’ama,” I asked her, “What do you answer when your groups ask you about the meaning of the Holocaust?”
“That […]

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How to Win the Six Day War: By Moshe Feiglin

At the end of last week, I was part of a televised panel called, “How many days has the Six Day War lasted?” One of the first speakers opined that Israel’s Six Day War miraculous triumph was a Pyrrhic victory. […]

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When Strategy and Morality Converge: By Moshe Feiglin

As Holocaust Memorial Day approaches, I was thinking about why we, the Jews, criticize the US and Britain for not bombing Auschwitz. The answer is not because they didn’t bomb the death factory. It is because they were flying over […]

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What’s the Next Jewish Holiday? By Shmuel Sackett

Try this test. Ask 100 fellow Jews the following simple question; What’s the next Jewish holiday? I would imagine that 90 of them will answer “Shavuot” while 9 might say “Lag B’omer”. That comes to 99 wrong answers. First of […]

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Moshe Feiglin: Israel Must Stop Ignoring Human Rights Catastrophe in Syria

A regional power that pretends to represent the values of freedom and human rights cannot continue with its policy of ignoring the crimes against humanity being committed in  Syria. If Israel would create a safe haven (in the northern Syrian […]

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The Pesach of Today: By Shmuel Sackett

Imagine, that 20 years ago, you received a phone call from a friend who told you about a financial advisor who was like a prophet. Everything this guy predicted comes true! Your friend strongly advised that you invest your money […]

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