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Manhigut Yehudit: The Jewish Leadership Movement

Under the leadership of Moshe Feiglin

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Who are we? Jews? Israelis? Just partners in a large insurance firm called the State of Israel? What is our shared narrative?

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The State of Israel is ours. We are not enslaved to it.

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Does our state have a goal? Do we have a Holy Temple somewhere out there on the horizon? What is our shared destiny?

Our Latest Posts

Connecting to Eternity: A Torah Though for Parashat Terumah by Moshe Feiglin

And they will make me a sanctuary and I will dwell in their midst. (From this week’s Torah portion, Terumah, Exodus 25:8)
Last week’s Torah portion, Mishpatim, deals mostly with “regular” laws. The French also know that a son must not […]

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Moshe Feiglin: Israeli Psyche Needs Arabs

“Even if it would pass, the Knesset bill that would ban MKs who act against the State from serving in the Knesset will never be implemented,” said Moshe Feiglin. “At least not against Arabs.”
“The Opposition will not vote along with […]

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Moshe Feiglin: Moral Equivalence Between Terrorists and IDF Soldiers Promotes More Murders

During an interview on Sunday, popular radio broadcaster Razy Barkai said that the mother of a Hamas terrorist who is eliminated is just as much a bereaved mother as the mother of a fallen soldier. “Barkai   is not mistaken,” Moshe […]

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Modern Day Slavery: A Torah Thought for Parshat Mishpatim by Moshe Feiglin

And these are the ordinances that you shall set before them. If you buy a Hebrew servant, he shall work for six years and on the seventh, he shall go free for nothing. (From this week’s Torah portion, Mishpatim, Exodus […]

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Liberty’s Creeping Erosion: By Moshe Feiglin

The new law giving police the authority to conduct a body search on anyone they deem suspicion passed the Knesset this week.
Now, they will be allowed to biometrically mark us.
They will be allowed to frisk us because they don’t like […]

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Service of G-d or Bondage to Man? A Torah Thought for Parashat Yitro by Moshe Feiglin

“I am Hashem your G-d Who took you out of the land of Egypt, from the house of bondage.”
(From this week’s Torah portion, Yitro, Exodus 20:2)
Values always come on a ladder. They have no significance if they are not set […]

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