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Manhigut Yehudit: The Jewish Leadership Movement

Under the leadership of Moshe Feiglin

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Who are we? Jews? Israelis? Just partners in a large insurance firm called the State of Israel? What is our shared narrative?

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The State of Israel is ours. We are not enslaved to it.

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Does our state have a goal? Do we have a Holy Temple somewhere out there on the horizon? What is our shared destiny?

Our Latest Posts

Zionism’s Rear Guard War: By Moshe Feiglin

“Nobody will run Zionism’s rear-guard war better than you,” I once said to Netanyahu. Today I understand that it is not just Netanyahu – it is almost all the Right’s intelligentsia.
Netanyahu is not the problem. He is just its face. […]

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Interview with Moshe Feiglin on Arutz 7 Culture Corner

This article appeared last Thursday on the Arutz 7 Hebrew website: 
 What movie do you recommend?
The Pianist, by Roman Polanski. It is a Holocaust movie, but not really. First of all, it is a joy for all lovers of good music in […]

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Grocery Bill Yields Sour Milk: By Moshe Feiglin

As expected, the Grocery Law, prohibiting groceries from opening on Shabbat unless the local municipality legislates otherwise, has brought about a backlash of municipal legislation allowing the opening of businesses on Shabbat. In other words, Interior Minister Deri’s bill has […]

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Not Because of Corruption: By Moshe Feiglin

When a famous rabbi joins the agenda dictated by Netanyahu nemesis Eldad Yaniv, he doesn’t turn himself into a soldier in the service of morality. Just the opposite. He and those who follow him turn themselves into soldiers in the […]

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Two Forgotten Jews: A Happy Update: By Shmuel Sackett

Baruch Hashem, everybody is talking about the release of Sholom Rubashkin. It truly is a miraculous event and seeing pictures and videos of him outside the prison walls is unbelievable!
Back in 2014, when NOBODY was mentioning his name, Shmuel Sackett […]

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Why Did the Rabbi of the Western Wall Prohibit VP Pence from Speaking? By Moshe Feiglin

The connection between the term “Rabbi of the Kotel (Western Wall)” and the name Shmuel Rabinovitz was created by Yossi Beilin , who in the year 2000, was the Minister of Religion. Beilin appointed to the sensitive position a young […]

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