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10 Reasons why Israel Needs Authentic Jewish Leadership

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Because Israel Needs:

1. Leadership that will ensure that Israel remains a Jewish state:

  • True Jewish education for every Jewish child in Israel.
  • Authentic Jewish culture.
  • A justice system based on Jewish values.
  • An efficient and ethical economy based on Jewish labor.
  • Restoration of the values of courage and victory to Israel’s army.
  • Policies that reflect the firm conviction that the Land of Israel belongs to the Nation of Israel.
  • Media that reflect Jewish values and morals.
  • Encouragement of aliyah to Israel so that every Jew can come home and feel at home.
  • Definition of loyalty as a national code: Loyalty to family, to Israel’s POWs and to its allies.
  • National security: Fighting evil instead of compromising with it.

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2. Leadership loyal to you – the Jewish majority in Israel

Most of Israel’s Jewish population identifies itself first and foremost as Jews. Moshe Feiglin’s policies faithfully reflect this traditional perspective.

  • Revolutionize Jewish identity education.
  • Legislate the election of Israel’s judges by the public’s elected representatives so that they will closely reflect the Jewish values of the majority.
  • Restore the traditional family to national priority.
  • Develop communities by instituting district elections.
  •  Israel Defense Forces must become an army that is eager to fight and that is guided by a strictly Jewish ethical code.

3. Jewish education for every Jewish child

  • No more violence and randomness. At least one hour of Jewish enrichment for every Jewish child in the educational system.
  • Restoration of honor and respectable pay to Israel’s teachers – after they have been properly trained.
  • Jewish education that will make children proud of their Jewish heritage.

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4. A modern and open economy based on Jewish values

Jewish Economy:

  • No financial aid from foreign countries
  • No privatization to core shareholders. Privatization only to the general public.
  • Jewish labor.
  • Encouragement of competition. Modification of the antitrust law in accordance.
  • The State should not produce goods and services that can be produced by the private sector; including education, health, electricity, media and telecommunications.
  • No new taxes.
  • Decentralization of as many public systems as possible. Functions such as community police, social security and the legal system should be transferred to the local governments.
  • Incentives for investment in Israel by Jews currently living in the Diaspora. The State of Israel wants Jewish money – not as charity, but as investment.

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5. Israel needs to defeat its enemies – not to flee them.

  • National pride, an army geared to win and faith in G-d.
  • Israel’s enemies will give nothing and receive nothing. Enemies must be defeated.
  • National pride in all diplomatic interactions.
  • Application of Israeli sovereignty on all land in Israel’s hands.
  • Non-Jews who do not accept Israeli sovereignty should be encouraged to emigrate from Israel.
  • The goals of the army will be defined as liberation of the Land of Israel, defense of all areas currently in our hands and responsibility for the security of every Jew.
  • The ethical code of the Israeli army will be modified to conform with these goals and with Jewish ethics.
  • A military prepared to fight to achieve its goals deters the enemy from aggression.

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6. Restoration of justice to the justice system

Israel’s justice system must be liberated from the grasp of the radical Left:

  • Israel’s judges should be elected by the public’s elected representatives and should reflect the values of the nation. The election process must be conducted with complete transparency.
  • Legislation of the role and authority of the Attorney General.
  • The Attorney General will be appointed by the government and will serve throughout the government’s term.
  • The State Prosecution will become an independent body to be elected by Israel’s elected representatives.
  • Every candidate and office holder in the justice system will have proven knowledge of the Jewish Legal Code.

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7. Minorities Must Abide by the Law

8. Unbiased media open to the entire nation

The people will choose whom to watch and to whom to listen
Any individual or group that wish to broadcast will pay for a frequency and broadcast as they see fit, within the parameters of the laws of slander and in keeping with state security as already legislated. The Broadcasting Authority will be closed.

9. A moral society

Loyalty as a national ethic:

  • Loyalty to family, to the nation, the land, our POWs, our allies and Jewish identity.
  • Empowerment of the family in education, public relations and economic legislation.
  • Encouragement of community responsibility for welfare of its residents.
  • District elections and transfer of state responsibilities to the community.

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10. A leader who believes in G-d

Moshe Feiglin fears G-d. His actions will not generate criminal investigations.

Moshe Feiglin has a clear, consistent plan that interfaces with Jewish history. His vision does not change according to the results of the latest polls.

Moshe Feiglin says what he thinks, even when his opinion is not politically correct.

Feiglin genuinely cares. He proposes courageous and original solutions and does not recycle the solutions that have failed before.

Only a person loyal to his wife and family will be loyal to his nation and his voters.

Feiglin is willing to pay the price of his convictions.

Feiglin will act to restore the control in our country to the citizens. He will end the control of the “Big Brothers” in the justice system, media and the unacceptable taxation bureaucracy.

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