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Exposing the Faceless Tyrant: By Moshe Feiglin

20 Kislev, 5769 (Dec. 17. ’08)

There could be a situation in which I would say: It is not worth it to keep this society intact.
In that case, a civil war would not perturb me.

Judicial commentator and media personality Moshe Negbi

These frightening words spoken from the mouth of the man who is the judicial commentator at Israel Radio, the radical leftist Moshe Negbi – are a classic example of how the faceless leftist elites that I have been warning about have taken over the State of Israel and its institutions. Needless to say, Negbi’s liberal opinions remain steadfast as long as he is warning against transferring Arabs from Israel. But despite his liberal protestations, Negbi and his ilk are the chief proponents of expulsion and transfer – as long as those being expelled are Jews. Those Jews who dared consider passive civil disobedience – a far cry from the civil war that Negbi had proposed – are at the receiving end of Negbi’s hypocritical poison arrows.

In his radio show on Israel Radio, Negbi literally begged his listeners to appeal to the Supreme Court to disqualify my candidacy for the Likud Knesset list. The on-the-air tribunal that wholeheartedly agreed with Negbi’s accusations unabashedly shares his radical views. These professors and pundits are the loyal representatives of the faceless dictator that pushes Israel inexorably toward her end. The democratic decisions of the Jewish majority in Israel do not interest them in the least.

Throughout my entire primaries campaign, I explained that the State of Israel is being controlled by a faceless tyrant – a leftist, secular, smug dictatorship that uses the Likud to expedite its agenda. The Jewish majority votes Likud and the faceless tyranny knows how to capture the head of the Likud in its tentacles and use him to lead the Likud and the entire state as dictated by the Left.

My remarks aroused quite a storm. The storm became even more violent when I expressed my complete lack of faith in Israel’s legal mechanism – the state prosecution and the Supreme Court, which are the mainstay of the faceless tyrant – and announced that I would not appeal to the courts to restore me to the slot to which I had been elected by the Likud voters. Wherever I was allowed to explain myself, the public response was broad based support for my move and motivation. I have logged many years of public speaking and explaining – but nothing prepared me for the rapid and open way in which my views have been accepted. It seems that this is a special time and that our Father in Heaven is opening the hearts of His children to hear words of truth.

The tyrant whose face I have begun to expose feels threatened and has begun to take his tried and true weapons out from storage. Clearly, the tyrant’s representatives cannot deal with my claims in any objective or intelligent forum. Honest debate on equal footing is not their forte.

“There is a new clause,” Negbi pleaded with his listeners. “If applied, it makes it easy to fish a candidate out of a party and to disqualify him. All that needs to be done is to prove that the candidate does not accept the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state or that he incites racism.” At that point, Negbi used a number of distorted and selective quotes from interviews that I had given fourteen years ago, when I founded the Zo Artzeinu movement – the movement that was established in an effort to prevent the murders of over one thousand Israelis as a result of the Oslo Accords, which Negbi and his cohorts so enthusiastically promoted.

I was young then, and naïve. I actually believed that the Ha’aretz newspaper, that prides itself on being the ‘newspaper for thinking people,’ would accurately quote my answers to their questions. The reporter, Ada Ushpiz asked me how I could struggle against an agreement that was democratically ratified. I answered that the fact that a decision is affirmed democratically, does not guarantee that it is moral. As proof, I cited the Nazi party in Germany, which ascended to power in a democratic manner. I continued to explain to the representative of the ‘thinking people’ that at the beginning, it seemed that the Nazi regime was actually a success. It rehabilitated the German economy, the trains ran on time and people throughout the world were captivated by the charms of Nazism. Nazi parties sprang up in England and America. We all know the end of the story. From the above, Ms. Ushpiz somehow concluded that Feiglin admires Hitler. From then and until this very day, the Left, that cannot counter my claims on a logical basis – demonizes and dehumanizes me with its tried and true weapon; Feiglin is a Nazi.

Strangely, the Left also attacks me from the opposite end of the spectrum. They call me a fascist, but simultaneously attack me for supporting conscientious objection. Fascism is the belief that the state is above all else. But I claim that G-d or one’s conscience is above the state. How can the Left attack me for both fascism and for supporting conscientious objection at one and the same time?

The Left is sure that the state is its own personal plaything – an inheritance from Israel’s founding leftists. But now, it feels that somebody is pulling the toy out of its hands. “The Supreme Court is my home,” explained Justice Mishael Cheshin. “Whoever raises his hand against my home, I will cut it off.”

Negbi and his cohorts are busily working on creative ways to cut off my hand. But it won’t help them. The State of Israel will return to the Jewish majority. It will be governed by Jewish values. It will survive and flourish as a Jewish state – and as a result of its Jewish values – as a free and democratic state. Despite the leftists.


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