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It’s a Spiritual War: By Moshe Feiglin

This week, the Prime Minister and Defense Minister boasted that the wave of stabbing terror plaguing Israel has dissipated. They attributed the lull to the hard work of Israel’s defense forces. But that is not true. The Prime Minister, the Defense Minister and all the revealed and clandestine defense forces have no idea how to deal with a 13 year old Arab (often a citizen of Israel) who suddenly decides to take a pair of scissors and stab Jews. 

What really did bring about the current decline in stabbings is the “Btzelem” video that shows the soldier in Hebron shooting a terrorist who had just stabbed a different IDF soldier. The hysterical reaction of the Prime Minister and Defense Minister triggered widespread public support for the shooting soldier. The elimination of the terrorist broadcast time and again all over the world rectified a horrible moral distortion. It clarified that in the State of Israel, which has risen from the ashes of the ovens, he who attempts to stab a Jew immediately loses his right to continue to breathe air on this planet. Bringing a person like that to trial is immoral. The six minutes that the terrorist continued to breathe are six immoral minutes.

The wave of stabbing terror, to which we were growing accustomed, returned us to eras in which the lives of Jews were worthless. The question mark over the right of the Jews to live was erased by the moral act of the soldier in Hebron. The Btzelem video broadcast it all over the world, the Prime Minister and Defense Minister provoked the indignation of 82% of Israelis and in the face of the authentic and natural statement of the public – the murderous illusions of the Arabs waned.

We must always remember: The war that we are waging today is not physical; it is spiritual. This war will be won by he who remembers that justice is on his side.


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  1. Darkangel says:

    I wish more people understood this, especially Jews. ‘If someone comes to kill you, rise up and kill him first,’ should be ingrained in every Jews psyche. You cannot make peace with those that refuse to acknowledge that you have to exist!

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