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Moshe Feiglin: Another Cover-Up of Terror Murder

Moshe Feiglin met on Friday with Nivah Ben Tzion. Nivah is the widow of the iconic farmer, Avi Ben Tzion, the “Jordan Valley Man” from Netiv Hagdud.

Avi was murdered last month by three Arabs from the village of Akrabeh. They  staged an accident, and when Avi got out of his car, they smashed his head so many times that it was nearly impossible to identify him. To make matters even worse for the family, the terrorists stole Avi’s car, leading the police to immediately classify the attack as a crime and not a terror attack.

“He was run over when they escaped,” they explained to the horrified Nivah.

“Avi was murdered twice,” says Nivah. “Once by the Arabs and once by the State of Israel.”

The Ben Tzion story comes on the heels of the rappelling terror attack in which Netanel Arami was murdered. It turns out that there are many more cases of police cover-ups of terror attacks. “There is no doubt that this is a police method, said  Moshe Feiglin.  “If there is any way to pass off the terror attack as an accident or criminal event, the police and security apparatus will do so, adding insult to the searing pain of the families whose lives have been destroyed.”

Feiglin promised Nivah to work on this case with the same resolve with which he worked on the Arami rappelling case. “Nivah asked me to attend a memorial service for her husband at the site of the murder on Wednesday at 2 pm,” Feiglin said. The service will take place at the T junction of Highway 5: Left to the Jordan Valley, right to Kochav Hashachar. The Likud primaries are on Wednesday,  but I promised to come. The Arami  family and other families who have endured similar abuse will also be there. It very important to attend.”

Feiglin plans to organize the families into a coordinated group “and to bring an end to this inexcusable phenomenon.”


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