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Moshe Feiglin Favors Modified Conversion Law

“The final version of the conversion law  certainly conforms to the rulings of Jewish law – even the more stringent views,” said MK Moshe Feiglin after the law was passed as a government decision.  ” The law requires the inclusion of a rabbi authorized by the Chief Rabbinate as part of the conversion court comprised of local rabbis. This is far more than what Jewish law requires. It solves the problem of conversion for the children of non-Jewish new immigrants to Israel and makes conversion accessible on non-ultra-Orthodox tracks. This is the root of the ultra-Orthodox opposition to the bill,” Feiglin continued.

MK Feiglin quoted Rabbi Chaim Amsalem, who said, “Those who are stringent on conversion, must understand that they are being lax when it comes to assimilation.” ”

“Rabbi Amsalem is right,” said Feiglin. “A child who was not converted, despite the fact that it was halachically permissible to do so, is not going anywhere. He will stay with us live here and marry here. It is far better to recognize that a problem exists and implement a halachic solution to solve it now.”


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