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Moshe Feiglin: IDF Finally on the Professional Army Bandwagon

The Ha’aretz newspaper reported on Sunday that the IDF is preparing for a transition to a volunteer  army. “The IDF seems to have caught on to something I have been saying for years and for which I established the Professional Army Caucus in the Knesset: Israel needs a professional volunteer army,” said  Moshe Feiglin. According to Feiglin the professional volunteer army would work as follows:

Everybody in Israel would be drafted for a short basic training and would be discharged. The IDF would choose the volunteers it prefers for full service. Those soldiers who enlist will receive: Professional training and weaponry, a good salary, academic studies and social status. “This is the way to an efficient, professional army,” said Feiglin. “We will save the costs of the tremendous obscure unemployment in the army. We will channel more young people into the economy and improve it. We will stop fighting with those who do not wish to enlist. And we will finally be able to increase liberty in one of the most coercive places in Israel,” Feiglin concluded.


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