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Moshe Feiglin: Stop Cover-Up of Terror Attacks

MK Moshe Feiglin applauded the court decision on Wednesday to officially recognize the murder of Netanel Arami in September as a terror attack. In September, Netanel Arami plunged to his death from a tall apartment building where he had been hired to make repairs while rappelling. The ropes to his equipment were found slashed on the roof of the building.  “When I visited the mourning  Arami family shortly after the tragedy,” said MK Feiglin, “I  found citizens abandoned to their fate. Not only had the police not officially recognized that Netanel was murdered by terrorists, but they had treated the family in an ugly manner – as if they were criminals. I decided to stand by their side and to help with whatever I could.”

“I am pleased that the State has officially recognized the fact that Netanel Arami was murdered by terrorists who cut his ropes. The court has finally eased the additional heartache of denial from the searing pain the family suffers due to the horrific murder.

The policy of covering up terror attacks by labeling them ‘crimes’ or ‘suicides’ must stop. Blurring the nationalist motivation for these murders is intolerable hard-heartedness toward the victims and their families,” Feiglin added.

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