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Moshe Feiglin on CNN Responds to Hamas ‘Concentration Camp’ Allegations


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  1. lisacainli says:

    this is actually one of the first times I have heard MK Feiglin come off poorly in an interview. I don’t think it is a consequence of not being a native English speaker, since he often interviews and speaks in english, and does a very good job. it is because he:
    a) became defensive
    b) did not answer the question properly… until the very end, despite several poor attempts.
    c) did not use what appears to be the better strategy with hostile journalists: to “alpha dog” them and put THEM on the defensive. and it would have been much easier to do than appears!
    d) we watched this clip and could think of several “comebacks” that he could have effectively used, and it is a shame that he did not have them at his fingertips before the interview.

  2. […] he never said anything of the sort. The media “went to town” on the Feiglin-Gaza-Sinai plan and CNN’s Wolf Blitzer interviewed him and attacked him for making this suggestion. As usual, Deputy Speaker of the Knesset Moshe Feiglin […]

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