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Moshe Feiglin: Exodus 2014

Newsweek’s front page this week is about the exodus of European Jewry from Europe – now, in 2014.

“Remaining in Belgium was not really an option,” says Moriah, a new immigrant to Israel pictured on the front page.

The war in Israel did not stop thousands from making aliyah (immigrating) to Israel over the last month. The new immigrants are mainly from France and the US – but not exclusively. Not only did the war not curb the wave of aliyah, it even quickened its pace. The war raging now in Gaza brought anti-Semitism throughout the world to the surface, making it clear that the only place for Jews is the Land of Israel.

As opposed to ‘Exodus’ in the forties, the coming decade’s Exodus will meet a strong Jewish State of Israel; an Israel that opens its gates to the new immigrants and protects them – if it will only realize who it is and who are its enemies…

I repeat once again: 1.5 million Jews will be immigrating to Israel in the coming decade. They will change our entire geo-political perspective from its very foundation.

For every miserable family in Gaza, there is a Jewish home being vacated in Paris and Belgium.

The Land of our Forefathers is waiting with open arms for every Jew in Paris and Belgium – and the rest of the world.


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