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Moshe Feiglin: Graffiti = Terror???

In a special Knesset deliberation on the deteriorating security situation in Judea and Samara, Moshe Feiglin made the following statement: The Minister of Internal Security defined graffiti as “a new kind of terror,” and an entire country points an accusing finger at itself, adding more fuel to the flames of self-flagellation.

Let us talk about the real terror that is being perpetrated in Judea and Samaria. We have seen a total loss of control by the Israeli government and its armed forces on Yesha roads. Rock throwing and firebombs have become routine – even on the major 443 highway to Jerusalem. But who cares? Everybody is busy worrying about some graffiti in an Arab village.

Those who are incapable of dealing with rock-throwers are also incapable of dealing with nuclear weapons from Iran. We have lost our sense of justice. Those who turn their backs on the foundation of our existence in this land; on the source of all sources, on the Temple Mount – those who actually give sovereignty on the Temple Mount to the Arab enemy – are ultimately incapable of justifying their existence in any place in the Land.

Is there anybody here who doesn’t understand that anybody can be next, whether with rocks or missiles, no matter where his house is?

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