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Moshe Feiglin: Israel’s Lack of Jewish Identity Invites Arab Admiration of Bashara

“The award presented by the Israeli-Arab soccer team, Bnai Sachnin, to former Knesset Member and Hizbollah spy Dr. Azmi Bashara, has awakened the ire of Israeli government ministers,” said MK Moshe Feiglin. “But I will tell you a secret: At this very moment,  the spy’s portrait adorns the walls of the Jerusalem Knesset offices of some of Israel’s Arab Knesset members.”

“In other words,” Feiglin continued, “the Bnai Sachnin soccer team is not at all alone in its open admiration of the enemy. But as opposed to the offended Israeli ministers, I totally understand Bashara’s popularity in the Arab sector. After all, the State of Israel did not prosecute that despicable spy, who used his Knesset-bought phone to direct the Hizbollah’s incoming missiles during the Second Lebanon War. Azmi Bashara did not flee Israel’s Security Service. He was caught, and then allowed to slip over the border into Jordan. (For many years afterwards, Israel continued to pay him a sizeable pension as a former MK). If the Jews are so forgiving of the worst of their enemies, what do we expect from the Arabs?” Feiglin asked.

“Why did Israel release Azmi Bashara? Because his trial would have revealed the big lie that is Israeli identity. “You Jews thought that you could force your Israeli identity upon me,” Bashara would have said. “But I am a proud Arab.”

It is the Israeli who is disconnected from his Jewish identity who needs the Arab to help him forget that he is a Jew. “If an admired Arab leader cannot be a Knesset Member, then clearly, the new Israeli identity simply doesn’t work and we will remain stuck with our Jewish identity”, the Israeli powers that be reasoned. “It is best to allow him to flee, leaving us safely inside our false Israeli identity.”

Bnai Sachnin and Bashara are not the illness; they are the symptom. When they State of Israel truly comes to terms with its Jewish identity, it will be able to demand full loyalty of the Arabs. And the Arabs will be happy to comply.”

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