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Moshe Feiglin: Moral Equivalence Between Terrorists and IDF Soldiers Promotes More Murders

During an interview on Sunday, popular radio broadcaster Razy Barkai said that the mother of a Hamas terrorist who is eliminated is just as much a bereaved mother as the mother of a fallen soldier. “Barkai   is not mistaken,” Moshe Feiglin responded on his Facebook page. “The mother of a terrorist (or a Nazi, for that matter) is most likely saddened by her son’s death. But Barkai is wrong for lending legitimacy to her pain. He is wrong for separating between the pain and its source. And of course, he is wrong for comparing her pain to the pain of the mothers of fallen soldiers.”

“There is good pain and there is bad pain,” Feiglin continued.  “A person who is pained by the death of an evil person amplifies the evil person’s cause. A person who claims that the pain over the loss of evil and good is equal lends legitimacy to the evil – and encourages the next terror murder.”

“If your son was eliminated while attempting murder or rape – then it’s a good thing that he was eliminated,” Feiglin said. “If you are a good person, you can feel relief that your murderous son was eliminated before he will murder someone else.”

In an allusion to the Arab MKs who visited the mourning families of eliminated terrorists last week, Feiglin said that “Those who open grandiose ‘mourner’s tents’ in memory of the murderer, and those who come to comfort them – and certainly those who make stupid comparisons between terrorists and IDF soldiers – are living in a world devoid of truth. There is no good or bad in that world, no justice and no G-d. When all of those are missing, there really is no difference between good and evil; between IDF soldiers and murderous terrorists. Not just dead terrorists, Mr. Barkai, but living terrorists, as well.”


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