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Moshe Feiglin: ‘Peace’ Talks Hurt Israel’s Economy, not Boycott

When Kerry threatens Israel with a boycott, it is only proper to remind him that Israeli exports to the US amount to more than 30% of our imports from America. While the Israeli exports – mostly hi-tech – are difficult if not impossible to replace, Israel’s imports from the US – mostly weapons – are more than replaceable by Israel or other countries. In addition, Israel is bound to purchasing American weapons (such as the F35) that it does not need. This wastes billions of shekels, is detrimental to Israel’s security and of course – breeds terrible corruption.


In the next few days I will present more facts to replace the demagoguery of threats currently being leveled at Israelis. But the bottom line is already clear. It is actually the diplomatic process that is severely eroding Israel’s economy: It costs us much more than 10 billion shekels annually, the sum that Lapid threatens we will lose through boycotts. As I will prove, the scope of the damage incurred to our economy by the diplomatic process is significantly greater.

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