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Nothing More Immoral than Sacrificing Soldiers to Protect Enemy Civilians: By Moshe Feiglin

4 Av, 5774

July 31, ‘14

Those who use children as human shields are supposed to be embarrassed, right?

The ‘hero’ in this photograph, who hides from the Israelis behind children, is actually declaring that he needs children, or the elderly – or worst of all from his point of view, women – to protect him. Shouldn’t he be embarrassed?

So why doesn’t that happen? Why aren’t the Arabs embarrassed to display their weakness to the entire world?

The answer is that Islamic morality is completely the opposite of our expectations.

They view their cruelty and their willingness to sacrifice children as strength, not weakness.

They view the care that we take not to harm children as weakness, not strength.

Even worse:

They identify strength as moral – and weakness – as immoral.

The world has not yet cracked the code of the secret of life; the proper and balanced connection between the spiritual and the material. The Western solution is to separate the two: The Christian priest does not wed and the Christian martyr suffers on the cross for all humanity. His weakness is his holiness. This is the source of the Western principle that non-combatants are innocent.

The Moslem approach is completely opposite: Their holy deity lives a life of debauchery and that is also the reward of their martyrs in the afterworld. Their prophet is a strong and cruel conqueror. His power and cruelty are his holiness.

The barbarian in this photograph, who hangs children on the fence to ward off the IDF, does not view himself as hiding behind them. He views himself as fighting by means of the children, taking advantage of his moral ‘superiority’ on the one hand, and the moral ‘inferiority’ of his Israeli enemy, on the other.

How does one defeat such an enemy?

Sadly, this barbarian has caught Israel in its weak-spot; moral confusion. Horrifically, the Israeli method that has unwittingly been created is to allow the deaths of enough of our soldiers to produce a no-choice situation; a situation in which the killing of the enemy population will fall under the category of a value we share with the Western world: self-defense.

When our Golani soldiers had been badly hit, the IDF shelled Gaza with heavy artillery to eliminate the fire that was raining upon them from within the civilian neighborhood. Why couldn’t the artillery barrage have been implemented before the soldiers went into that hell? Because then it would not have fit into the Western definition of self-defense.
Ultimately, Israel does kill enemy civilians. But it also protects them at the expense of our soldiers’ lives. The Goldstone Report and The Hague are waiting at the end of the road anyway. Europe, drenched in Jewish blood, perceives the Jewish moral dependence on its executors from time immemorial – and does not let Israel off the hook.

What can Israel do? It can stop employing Western culture and employ Jewish culture, instead.  It can stop using Western mores against Moslem mores. It must start to act with Jewish morality. Judaism reveals the secret of life: The weak is not necessarily just and neither is the strong: Justice is just.

The IDF commander who allowed for the deaths of three of our soldiers because he did not want to shoot at the UNWRA building is not ethical. On the contrary, he is unethical. Even if the building was full of children, the commander who made that decision conducted himself unethically; for he allowed for the deaths of three Israeli soldiers who represent justice. They represent justice because this is our Land – including Gaza!

They are just because they represent the Nation that sanctifies – from our Holy Land – the concepts of life and liberty.

All the children that the Islamic barbarians will shove into an UNWRA building are weapons in the hands of a terrible enemy that sanctifies bondage and death. This is the war between the People of Light and the People of Darkness.
The right to kill people has nothing to do with their age or gender. The blood of a child is no holier than the blood of a soldier.

Wars are waged between nations and the values they represent – not between individuals. When there is no choice, killing enemy civilians is an inseparable part of the justice of the war.

There is no war more just than our current war in Gaza.

And there is nothing less just and moral than sacrificing our soldiers on the altar of the enemy civilians.


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  1. inna1kre says:

    Dear Moshe, you are 100% right. It is unbearable to see our handsome, wonderful, full of life young boys dead. The way Israeli government is conducting this (and previous)war will lead to defeat. It is heart breaking. The insane Unilateral Disengagement, which any person with brains condemned, and which results were totally predictable, brought Israel to this point. Don’t PM understand, that without taking Gaza and West Bank there will be no Israel at the end? Total madness continues…

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