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Plant Trees in Israel NOW – Shmittah is Almost Coming

Tu B’Shvat is coming in just a few days – time to plant fruit trees in Israel!!!

Our annual fruit-tree drive has begun and this year it is DOUBLY important!


First of all, the recent snow storm in Israel destroyed over 10,000 trees and we are desperately trying to replant them.


Second of all, next year is Shmittah – the Sabbatical year – when all tree planting is forbidden by Torah law. Therefore, we need to plant NOW enough for TWO YEARS!!!

Click here to plant fruit trees in Israel


This is the Hebrew month of Sh’vat with the wonderful holiday of trees: Tu B’Shvat (January 16th)

That is the day when all tree plantings in Israel begin and will continue throughout the spring.

We have received dozens of calls from farmers all across Israel asking for help in planting trees and we want to say “YES” to ALL OF THEM!

 In the last few years we have planted over 20,000 new fruit trees – we need to keep doing that!


 Click here to plant your trees today


All tree orders receive a beautiful, personalized certificate mailed to anywhere in the world!

Free gifts are also available including unique jewelry made in Israel that we will give you for FREE just for planting trees!

 All the information you need is on our website:


Plant your fruit trees in Israel today.

Click here now.


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