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Who is the Real Enemy? By Moshe Feiglin

11 Iyar, 5744/May 11, ‘14

Our grandchildren were over for Shabbat, and when Shabbat ended, I didn’t run to turn on my cell phone. We played with the little ones a bit more, took our time with Havdalah and by the time I turned my phone on, I was flooded with messages. There was a big demonstration in Afula over last week’s murder of 20 year-old Shelly Dadon, may G-d avenge her blood. There had also been an attempted kidnapping of a pregnant woman in Afula – and the messages requested that I participate in the rally.

I quickly got in my car and drove toward Afula when the phone rang again. “The police ordered us to end the protest and the thousands are heading home,” they told me apologetically. I turned my car back towards home. The thoughts that were running through my head will now be written here instead of spoken at the rally.

What exactly were you thinking when you set close to one hundred murderers free in exchange for the privilege of speaking with their leaders – who are murderers, as well?

What did you think was going to come of that? A year ago, when I voted against the annual budget because of the government’s intent to free murderers, I warned that this would be the result. The writing was on the wall, written with the blood of all those already murdered after previous terrorist releases. So what were you thinking?

No, I am not saying that the murderers of Shelly Dadon are necessarily terrorists who were recently released. My claim is much broader and much deeper. When you release the murderers of Jews, the message that you are broadcasting to all of Israel’s enemies – loud and clear – is that Jewish blood is cheap. The Jews themselves don’t think that the release of the murderers of their own brothers is an unforgivable desecration of the sanctity of their lives; The Jews themselves relate to the murders as some sort of unavoidable natural phenomenon. As if we have learned nothing over the years– as if there had been no Holocaust, no State, no Yad Vashem and no hollow ‘Never Again’. But this time the murders take place on the watch of the IDF, Israel’s Police, the State, the Knesset and a military budget of endless billions. Once again young Jewish women are slaughtered. And the Jews are infuriated and will to do everything to stop the terrible phenomenon….

the graffiti called “price tag.”

Yes. The news item on the murder of Shelly Dadon, may G-d avenge her blood, was third in the Channel 2 broadcast that evening. The headlines were the ‘hate crimes’ of the settlers.

The flaccid Internal Security Minister appears time after time in public, revving up the engines of hatred of settlers, demanding emergency laws to put an end to the graffiti. The flaccid Defense Minister speaks at the Memorial Day ceremony, enlisting the memory of the fallen soldiers for the war against….graffiti, of course. What are the Iranian nuclear missiles as opposed to the real threat…graffiti…?

The media is harnessed to the locomotive of hatred – as if Jewish cemeteries and IDF memorials are not desecrated here on an almost daily basis. As if synagogues in Lod and Ramle are not burned down, with nobody saying a word. As if over 50% of those murdered on our roads die in car accidents perpetrated by a very specific group of drivers. And Shelly Dadon is not the first incident. Not even the second or third.

Is this stupid graffiti an acceptable practice? Of course not. Despite the fact that it is the result of anarchy and despair. It is unacceptable and a big mistake. But somebody here has completely lost direction, or worse – is taking advantage of the hooligans for a very specific purpose.

Vile writer Amos Oz calls the Jews the ‘new Nazis’. Presumably, this statement will win him a few more honorariums and prestigious prizes in Germany. He doesn’t speak that way about the public that produced Shelly’s murderers. Her blood shocks him much less than some graffiti on a wall.

Time and again it has been proven that many of the graffiti incidents are Arab provocations – as in Tuba Zangaria, for example. It is also not far-fetched to think that the same people who brought us the pictures of Rabin in SS uniform – the provocateurs of the Shabak, Israel’s Internal Security forces – have also brought us much of the graffiti. After all their investigations, they have not yet managed to produce any indictments. So what is going on here?

But who cares about the truth? The ‘peace process’ is stuck and somebody has decided to move forward with the destruction of the settlements and the settlers – which is the true purpose of the talks – at any price. So just as it was before Oslo and before the Expulsion – just as it always is when the process of destruction gets stuck – they dust off the tried but true witch hunt method. Once again, they try to brainwash the entire country into thinking that their brothers are the worst enemy of all and that the enemy is the enemy only because of their brothers.

“Those who have mercy on the cruel,” say our Sages, “will ultimately be cruel to the merciful.” The result, of course, is Shelly Dadon. Many Shelly Dadons. The bodies are all lined up – rows and rows of sacrifices for peace, the likes of which we never knew before the ‘peace’ of Amos Oz and his ilk.

And those settlers with their large kippot, beards and farm clothes, those who are planting vineyards in the mountains of Samaria, shepherding goats on the hills of Judea, whose entire being announces that this is our Land – they are very dangerous.

It is not the graffiti. It is the mirror that they hold up to the disconnected generation that we have raised here. The settlers are dangerous! They are the enemy! We must eliminate them…

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  1. jacob shuham says:

    Who indeed is the enemy? Read the article with disgust.
    To paraphrase: Who will stand for Israel? If not me, them whom? If not now, then when?
    I have often repeated this: ‘It is time for a new Igun.
    It is also time to drive the invaders into the sea, much as the British were driven into the sea. Israel is and will always be the Jewish Homeland, this was ordained by G-d. No number of treaties and,or accords will change this.

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