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Breitbart: Exclusive – Israeli Leader Moshe Feiglin: Time for Israel to Annex West Bank, Gaza Strip

By Aaron Klein, Breitbart.com

It is time for Israel to formally abandon the so-called two-state solution as well as the concept of a Palestinian state and instead push for the complete Israeli annexation of the West Bank and retaking of the […]

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Moshe Feiglin: Retreat Now Means Worse War Later

For those who still do not understand that Israel is fighting a war for its existence in the face of Arab Islam and its terror organizations – which are all watching us now – and enjoying the show.
For those who […]

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What are we Negotiating About? By Moshe Feiglin

Everyone is talking about ‘peace’ talks. The basic assumption is that peace talks are supposed to bring peace. The ‘problems’ that ‘peace’ is supposed to solve are common knowledge: There is the security problem, the demographic problem, the problem of […]

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Stop Blaming John Kerry: By Shmuel Sackett

Lately, many people have been forwarding me angry emails that they sent to newspapers, magazines and blogs regarding Secretary of State John Kerry. All of these emails and letters criticize Kerry – in very strong terms – over his treatment […]

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