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Shmuel Sackett on Chazaq Radio: Fostering Jewish Values in Israel

Shmuel Sackett talks about how Manhigut Yehudit was founded and the challenge of creating authentic Jewish leadership for Israel. Click here Read More

Photos from the Manhigut Yehudit Yom Ha’atzmaut Dinner

Moshe Feiglin with Sol Margolis, recipient of the “Jerusalem of Gold” award
Moshe Feiglin with Dr. Shlomo Kalish – Guest of Honor
Moshe Feiglin with Brian and Debby Glick – recipients of the “Aliyah Award”

Moshe Feiglin with Sanford and Rosalie Goldstein – […]

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Michelle Bachmann at the Manhigut Yehudit Dinner: “Wherever I can, I will stand with Israel — even if I have to stand against my president.”

    Click here  for entire report on the Manhigut Yehudit Gala from the Queens Jewish Link Read More

A Message from Moshe Feiglin in Honor of Manhigut Yehudit’s Annual Dinner

The Opportunity: A Message from Moshe Feiglin for the Manhigut Yehudit Annual Dinner
Yom Ha’atzmaut brings great opportunity on its wings.
The breakdown of ‘peace talks’ is Israel’s golden opportunity to emerge from its defensive strategy and go on the offense; […]

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Masters of Time: By Michael Fuah

People whose entire lives are bound to the pressures of time, work or society – people who have never savored the taste of true redemption – will have a hard time understanding the Torah’s innovative message to the Nation of […]

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