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The Apology Speech Netanyahu Should Have Made: By Moshe Feiglin

This is the apology speech that Israel’s citizens should have heard last night from the Prime Minister:
Dear Israeli citizens,
I stand here before you this evening feeling guilty.
Please forgive me.
When the Rabin government brought the Oslo catastrophe upon us, thousands took […]

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The Oslo Syndrome Strikes Again: By Moshe Feiglin

A year ago, after two months of fighting in Gaza and millions of Israelis in bomb shelters, the Israeli ‘elephant’ succeeded in fighting off the Gazan ‘fly’ – and to convince itself that it had won the war. To understand […]

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Jerusalem Post: Hadash MK Agbaria: Hamas is not a Terrorist Organization

No one is hurt by Hamas missiles, but Israeli bombs kill thousands…It’s one big Isra-bluff, Arab MK claims; Likud MK Feiglin walks out of studio in outrage.
By Lahav Harkov

Hamas is a “liberation organization,” not a terrorist one, MK Afo Agbaria […]

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