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The Monster We Can’t Get Rid Of: By Moshe Feiglin

Missiles once again slammed into Ashkelon on Saturday night. When Rabin and Netanyahu shook the hands of the murderer, Arafat, and recognized the “Palestinian nation” and the justice of its claim to our Land, we got stuck with a monster that we can’t get rid of.

The monster’s self definition is not national sovereignty (a state is the last thing that they want) but rather, negating Israel’s sovereignty. In other words, the war against the Jews is how they define themselves.  That is why every Israeli retreat breeds more violence.

It is impossible to satiate the monster. All the truckloads of cash, the free electricity, concrete and iron (for terror tunnels) and more and more will never h elp. The monster will always  demand – and will sometimes get – the blood of the residents of southern Israel and our IDF soldiers.

But it is also impossible to destroy the monster because Rabin and Netanyahu told the world – in the name of the entire Israeli society – that the Gazans are right. This is their land. Since then, we have become conquerors in a land that does not belong to us. Certainly, we have no legitimate right to assassinate terrorists. All that we can do is to try to catch the missiles as they fly into our cities…


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