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Moshe Feiglin: Hadassah Hospital Budget Crisis Symptom of Israel Establishment Ills

The Hadassah Hospital budget crisis is a symptom of the ills in all of  Israel’s service institutions – first and foremost, our security establishment. The lower level workers are dedicated and do amazing work, receiving modest salaries. But a few […]

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Moshe Feiglin: Hopeful that Parkinson’s Patients Will Benefit from ISS Improvements

Today I discovered that in the aftermath of my meeting with the General Director of Israel’s Social Security, Professor Shlomo Mor Yosef, representatives of the Parkinson’s Association met with Limor Luria, Director of the Disability Dept. They reached an understanding […]

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Moshe Feiglin Exposes Suspected Corruption of Sarel Medical Co. with Strong Ties to Health Ministry

At the Knesset’s Labor, Welfare and Health Committee meeting on Wednesday, Moshe Feiglin presented the regulations for the medical company, Sarel. The Health Ministry had refused to publicize the regulations. Contrary to the claim made by the Health Ministry that […]

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Moshe Feiglin:Sarel Medical Company Monopoly Brings Hospitals to Brink of Collapse

A discussion was supposed to have been held last week in the Knesset’s Labor, Welfare and Health Committee on the unholy alliance between the Sarel medical company and the Health Ministry. Health Ministry Chief Dr. Gimzo requested a postponement of […]

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Israel National News: Feiglin: Medical Marijuana Law Harms Patients

MK sends out letter to ministers condemning medical marijuana amendments, insisting they will ‘invite corruption.’

By Tova Dvorin
Deputy Knesset Speaker Moshe Feiglin (Likud) sent out a letter to ministers Friday condemning theadvancement of his medicalmarijuana bill under the supervision of Health Minister Yael […]

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Moshe Feiglin: Will Work with Health Minister to Draft Medical Marijuana Law

Although my proposal for medical cannabis was voted down on Sunday, I am encouraged that the Ministerial Committee has required the Health Minister to formulate an alternative plan within 45 days. I look forward to working together and hope that […]

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