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Moshe Feiglin Response to Closure of Temple Mount to Jews

For the fourth day in a row, Hamas and ISIS have taken control of the Temple Mount. The PM’s words about Israel’s victory of Hamas in the south and deterrence of Hizballah in the north have shattered upon the rocks of reality on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Hamas and ISIS activists have managed to hole up on the Mount, and Internal Security Minister Aharonovitz does not allow Israel’s Police to arrest the terrorists in the heart of its capital and free the Mount. For all four days of the Sukkot holiday thus far, the police have not allowed Jews to ascend to the Temple Mount. This is a resounding defeat for Israel at the hands of the terror organizations. The price of this defeat may be very dear on Israel’s southern and northern borders.

The person responsible for this state of affairs is the Prime Minister. I call upon PM Netanyahu to order the immediate removal of all Moslems from the Temple Mount on Sukkot to make it possible for the Jews to ascend freely and securely on their holiday.

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