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Family: Building Block of the Nation

The family is the first and most basic support system that a person has. It fashions his identity and fosters his liberty. Without family (and community) modern man remains alone in the big city, enslaved to forces greater than him.

In the past two decades, the State of Israel has done all in its power to compromise the status of the family. Today, happy couples divorce just for the tax exemptions afforded single parents.
The State of Israel must restore the traditional family as a value to be encouraged. It need not replace single-parenthood and must not stem from scorn toward the rights of homosexuals. Instead, it must highlight the understanding that without the traditional family, there is no society and no liberty. The first thing that must be done is to tax families as one organic unit (the sum of the income of both partners). In this way, one partner can work extra hours and be taxed reasonably, allowing the other partner to spend quality time with the children.

Education and Empowerment of the Family Unit

• MK Moshe Feiglin has sponsored a Bill to tax a couple/family as such. This will provide true relief for the middle class as the current system actually hurts families financially.
• Annulment of the ‘marriage fine’ for couples who work in a shared business.
• Start of a process that will change the disgraceful treatment of divorced fathers.
• Advancement of the restoration of responsibility for children’s’ education to parents and transition to the voucher method.


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