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Israel Hayom: Report: Feiglin Threatened by Former MK over Medical Cannabis

Report: Feiglin threatened by former MK over medical cannabis

According to Channel 2 news, MK Feiglin squabbled with former Likud MK Yehiel Hazan over the distribution of medical marijuana by Sarel, a company whose CEO is a friend of Hazan’s • The reason is Feiglin’s desire to open the distribution market.

Mati Tuchfeld


According to the report, the company, Sarel, is privately owned with an estimated 8 billion shekel ($2.2 billion) budget. It determines which providers can sell medical marijuana to the government for distribution. Feiglin’s stated desire is to expand medical marijuana distribution to patients, which could ultimately negatively affect the company’s interests.MK Moshe Feiglin (Likud), who supports the legalization of soft drugs, was threatened by a former MK of his party, Yehiel Hazan, who is also a close associate of the chief executive officer behind the company that has sole distribution rights for medical marijuana in Israel, a Channel 2 news report said on Monday.

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  1. GavrielaRukhama says:

    This is disgusting. The last paragraph doesn’t even make sense. Why would cannabis growers not want to open up the market to free competition? Why would Sarel want its monopoly broken?

    I don’t see any corruption in Feiglin’s encouraging supporters of his legislation to join Likud. People all the time join the party that they think will best meet their interests. All honest people do that.

    As for accusations that illegal marijuana users are joining Likud, Feiglin has no part in any such thing. The people he is wooing are people who support *legal* use of marijuana; he is not responsible for what people do behind his back. I for one do not assume that any of his supporters is using cannabis illegally.

    As to the recordings, I am sure a good forensics expert will be able to tell if they are genuine, or if they are “contrived, edited, partial and deceitful”.

    כל הכבוד משה והצלחה

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