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Manhigut Yehudit Weekly Update 25 Kislev 5774 / Nov. 28, ’13


Happy Chanukah from Moshe Feiglin
and the entire Manhigut Yehudit Team!

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Issue No. 7411

25 Kislev, 5774 / Nov. 28, ’13

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Moshe Feiglin in the Knesset: 
The Red Line on Iran is Here



We are used to thinking that the ‘red line’ is some sort of Iranian uranium enrichment:  In other words, a technical red line that reflects Iranian capabilities. I think that that is a major mistake.  Read more 

One Chief Rabbi for Israel:
By Moshe Feiglin
Why should a young Israeli become an observant Jew when Judaism’s official representatives preserve it in its exile version?  Did G-d fall asleep up there in Heaven when Ben-Gurion declared Israel a state? Read more
Press Release:

Moshe Feiglin: Appointment of Nitzan as State’s Attorney  Dangerous for Israel

Newly appointed State’s Attorney Shai Nitzan and his Department for Special Duties in the State’s Attorney’s office are more dangerous than organized crime.   Read more    


Moshe Feiglin: So What Did I Do this Week?

My ‘One Chief Rabbi’ proposal passed its first major Knesset hurdle.

I spoke in the Knesset plenum on Iran, citing that Israel must be responsible for her own security. It is dangerous to let the “world” solve the problem for us, as we now see in Geneva.

In a Knesset query, I once again pressured the Health Minister on cannabis.

In a Knesset speech, I pointed out how US aid actually harms Israel.

I attacked the appointment of Shai Nitzan as AG – and will continue to do so.

I proposed a balanced way to control pornography on the internet.

In a Knesset speech, I explained why Jonathan Pollard is still in prison.

I continued to advance the cause for taxing a married couple as one unit – not two.

In a speech before the Knesset Interior Committee, I tried to protect the Negev from being given to the Bedouins.

I distributed a special report to all the MKs that shows that all the land allocated for building will be used up in 15 years, which will send housing prices sky high.

I participated in an event honoring injured army veterans.

I started writing a Megillat Esther, which I hope to finish by Purim.

And last but not least, I rode my bicycle again. Carefully.  

Shabbat Shalom,

Moshe Feiglin

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The Fear of G-d Barometer
A Torah Thought for 
Parashat Miketz

By MK Moshe Feiglin

Without fear of G-d, everything collapses. There are no borders to separate between good and bad. There is no permissible and forbidden, no moral coordinates with which to navigate the challenges of life.  Read more  

Moshe Feiglin: Iran Deal 

Modern-Day Munich Agreement

A strategy that transfers the responsibility for dealing with the Iranian threat to the entire world is disastrous; far more serious than the erroneous strategy that led to the Yom Kippur War.  Read more
Likud MK Feiglin: Iran nuclear deal is just like Munich Agreement
The deputy speaker of parliament, Likud MK Moshe Feiglin, said on Saturday the interim agreement signed between Iran and the Western powers was tantamount to the Munich Agreement of the late 1930s.   Read more


Bernie Quigley on The Hill: 

Israel Must Go Alone

Israel’s greatest enemy today is not Iran. It is America. And Israel must definitively let the world know that it is not the external American colony that most think it is; it is not a secondary, external borough of New York City; and it is not a toy to increasingly dangerous and dystopian American foreign policy. Read more

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