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Moshe Feiglin: Israel Needs Spirit of Triumph

MK Moshe Feiglin said this summer, he already foresaw the current Arab uprising, when he understood that the government had no intention of decisively winning the war in Gaza. He reminded his readers of a post he had written during Operation Protective Edge: “What are we fighting for? Against whom? The enemy is radical Islam, which seeks to destroy us. You can call it Hamas, you can call it Fatah, you can call it ISIS, you can call it Iran, you can call it the Moslem Brotherhood, you can call it the northern branch of the Islamic Movement, or you can call it Ahmad Tibi. They are all arms of the same octopus; of the radical Arab Islamic ideology that Ahmad Tibi defined better than anyone else: ‘We do not have rights in this land – we have rights over all the land…’ Anything less than a decisive victory in Gaza will bring upon us a battle many times harder against all the other arms of the octopus.”

“Empty combative threats before the primaries will not help,” said Feiglin this week after the Likud Central Committee set the date for upcoming primaries. “The lack of decisiveness on the Iran question, the lack of decisiveness in the face of the threat from Gaza (after Tel Aviv was shelled for two months) and worst of all – the ceding of the rock of our existence on the Temple Mount – have ground Israel’s deterrence into dust.

It is time for a different spirit, a new spirit –the spirit of triumph,” Feiglin concluded.


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