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Moshe Feiglin: Learn from the Macabees

“Chanukah is drawing to an end and my heart is heavy,” said MK Moshe Feiglin on the seventh day of Chanukah.  “Every evening at candle-lighting, we sing the traditional song, Maoz Tzur, repeating the words, ‘Then I will dedicate the altar (in the Holy Temple) with a song of praise.’ We sing the words and move right on to the ubiquitous piles of jelly doughnuts, which we dutifully devour,” Feiglin said.

“ Unlike us, the Macabees knew exactly what to do when they re-entered the Temple Mount. They quickly took metal rods, fashioned them into a makeshift menorah, and lit the candles in the Holy Temple,” Feiglin continued.

“What about us?” the MK asked.” It is almost fifty years since we ‘liberated’ the Temple Mount, and we cannot even pray there.”

Illustration courtesy of the Temple Institute


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