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Moshe Feiglin Optimistic on Israel’s Future

“Israel is in a unique reality,” said MK Moshe Feiglin on Wednesday.  “The economy is flourishing but we do not yet know how to bring the abundance and hope to young couples and the poor. The IDF is strong but we have forgotten how to win. Our Father in Heaven gives to us bountifully, but we have not yet developed our  authentic cultural tools to guide us in integrating all this abundance.”

“How do we allocate national land to the nation?” Feiglin asked.

“How do we restore parental responsibility for the education of their children?

How do we rebuild the value of family and its status?

In short, how do we emerge from servitude and adopt our Jewish value of liberty?”

“In truth,” Feiglin continued,  “I am very optimistic. Read this article by demographer and former Israeli ambassador to the US Yoram Ettinger and you will see how much our Father in Heaven has been smiling upon us in the recent past. It is reason for all of us to smile.”


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