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Moshe Feiglin Warns PM Netanyahu: Dangerous Escalation of Hamas Violence on Temple Mount

To Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu

Warning of Dangerous Escalation of Hamas Violence on the Temple Mount

Dear Sir,

Over the past number of days, the Hamas representatives on the Temple Mount have escalated their struggle against Jews who visit the site.

This escalation of violence includes the capture, pillaging and burning of the police station on the Mount, the waving of Hamas and ISIS flags and most serious of all, physical attacks against Jewish visitors, including women and children.

At the Knesset Interior Committee meeting on the 17 Av (August 13, ’14), I warned that the conduct of the Israeli police on the Temple Mount may bring about the murder of Jews on there. I demanded the distancing of the groups of Hamas provocateurs from the Mount, or at the very least to distance them from the Jewish groups who visit the Temple Mount.

At my last visit to the Temple Mount on 21 Av (August 18), the police proved that they are capable of preventing these groups from accessing the site and from coming near me and the group accompanying me. I do not understand why other Jewish visitors are discriminated against on the Mount and are abandoned by the police to abuse that is becoming more violent daily.

For years, Israel has been deceiving itself into thinking that it can manage the height of the flames on the Temple Mount without restoring its control there. What we are now experiencing in Gaza shows that this approach results in the complete opposite: Violence on the Mount is escalating and becoming a very real threat to Jewish life, while we are losing Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem in particular and the entire Land of Israel in general.

I warn you once again that the approach that does not allow the police to remove the Hamas representatives from the Temple Mount will cause a terrible tragedy, G-d forbid.

Jews are chased, humiliated and stricken on the Temple Mount just because they are Jews. All this takes place under the auspices of the Israeli Police, which accompanies the Jewish groups, allowing the Hamas rioters to run rampant practically freely. At the same time, the police are careful to arrest any Jew who dares move his lips – lest he pray, Heaven forefend. This policy will, tragically, lead to bloodshed. You and your government will not be able to wash your hands of the blood and claim innocence.

I warn once again that lack of decisive victory against the Hamas on the Temple Mount and every other place dangerously undermines Israel’s existence – even more than all the tunnels in the Gaza Strip. The sense of victory that we allow our enemies to feel in the heart of our capital fans the flames of their hope to defeat us – and encourages them and all their allies around the world to continue their efforts to destroy us.

I call upon you, Mr. Prime Minister of Israel, to return to yourself. Remember the words of the  poet of castigation and faith, Uri Tzvi Greenberg: “He who controls the Mount controls the Land”. Fulfill your duty to safeguard our Nation’s security and sovereignty in the heart of our capital and in the entire Land of Israel.


Moshe Feiglin

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