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Moshe Feiglin: Biden was Right

“US VP Biden was right when he said that Israel cannot overcome terrorism with force alone,” said Moshe Feiglin on Wednesday in a television interview with iconic interviewer Yaron London.  “The first thing that must be done to stop the terror,” Feiglin continued, “is to nullify the Oslo Accords. It is the Oslo Accords that destroyed Israel’s sense of justice. Ever since the Accords were signed, we are not willing to say that this is our Land. This provides the Arabs with a weapon far more deadly than a knife.  When we nullify the Oslo Accords, we will be able to reclaim the Land of Israel for the Nation of Israel. We will once again define what belongs to us and will defend our ancient right to our Homeland.”

“ And what about the Arabs?” London  asked. “Arabs who wish to remain in Israel and remain loyal to Israel as a Jewish State should be able to do so,” Feiglin replied. “The vast majority of them, however, prefer to emigrate to the West. Israel should provide them with a generous emigration package to encourage their emigration.”

“Not only will this plan relieve Israel of terror”, Feiglin concluded, “but it will bring true peace to Israel.”


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  1. Yaakov ben Yehuda says:

    To Declaring it nul and void would signify putting netanyawho function position in danger the end of his career in Israeli spectrum

  2. drjbw says:

    Nobody in Israel has the guts to nullify the Oslo Accords. Not the Right, not the Left, not the Arabs, and not the Israeli public. As long as the public sees no path to a solution of the conflict, they will not support anything new.
    Moshe has failed to communicate how the abrogation of Oslo will make a change. Declaring that our sense of justice in our ownership of the land will solve the problem is ridiculous when you notice that most of the world does not care that the Torah says it is our land. We may feel rightful in our positions but it won’t change the position of the other side.
    Offering assistance to willful Arab emigration is a good idea but a potential danger is that many Jews will demand the same and end up Yordim!

    • Yaakov ben Yehuda says:

      Your comment is strange! It has been already nullified and has been so by the arabs you are the only one saying it hasn’t!

  3. drjbw says:

    Dear Yaakov,
    I wish you were right. Oslo has not been abrogated by anyone. It may be on life support, disregarded by many, but still the goal towards which most move to. Unfortunately!

  4. Yaakov ben Yehuda says:

    Hi drjbw,
    fair enough .

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