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Moshe Feiglin: We Can Try to Fool Ourselves, but we Can’t Fool the World

Israel’s ‘anger’ at the world’s recognition of the Fatah-Hamas government convinces no-one – and rightfully so.

What did we think? That if we deceive ourselves for 20 years, we will also manage to deceive the rest of the world?

Twenty years ago, all of Israel’s leaders – from both Right and Left – shook the hand of the greatest murderer of Jews since Hitler. With one hallucinatory agreement, they transformed him and his henchmen into a type of peace-loving civil rights organization.

At the core of this hallucinatory process of self-deception, Peres and his cohorts freed hundreds of murderers and provided them with thousands of automatic weapons. The wolf that was inserted into Grandma’s house naturally devoured thousands of Little Red Riding Hoods. And he continues to devour them. Just last week those weapons were used for at least two shooting attacks.

The peace industry flourished and Peres and many of his friends became very wealthy. Academic, legal, security and media careers were built on the lie and it became too important for too many sectors of society to silence any protest or different thought process.

The emperor without clothes continued to march, and the voices of the children were silenced.

Israel continued to deceive its citizens and to conduct negotiations with the murderer of the Munich Olympic athletes. He is the same murderer who continues to pay salaries to the fresh murderers in jail, to educate their children to murder Jews and to name town squares after murderers.

And now we are angry at the world…


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  1. Dveed says:

    Thank you! Well put and true. Every word of it.

  2. defiantjewess says:

    The Peace industry is as lucrative as is the anti Zionism industry. They seem to go hand in hand. No one wants to let go of the power and rewards/ payoffs that are no doubt being had. It will take another catastrophe to make the jewish masses–, those who have been dulled and intoxicated by the golden calf– wake up and act. Laziness is human nature.

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