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Moshe Feiglin Exposes Suspected Corruption of Sarel Medical Co. with Strong Ties to Health Ministry

At the Knesset’s Labor, Welfare and Health Committee meeting on Wednesday, Moshe Feiglin presented the regulations for the medical company, Sarel. The Health Ministry had refused to publicize the regulations. Contrary to the claim made by the Health Ministry that the Sarel Medical Company, which is exempt from tenders and control in a market worth 3 billion shekels annually, is supervised by the Health Ministry, Feiglin exposed that the company’s regulations allow for the circumvention of all the accepted procedures in any normative public company.

According to the Sarel regulations, any person, including the company’s CEO, can fill the place of members of the company directorate and make any decision, including decisions on salary and the like. Most of the company’s senior members were or currently are public servants.

“The fact that a company that acts as the implementer of a government ministry brazenly circumvents all the rules of proper administration is pure lawlessness,” said Feiglin.

It is important to note that Health Ministry CEO Dr. Gimzo refused to reveal the top five salaries paid out in the company, as is standard practice in government companies.

In answer to Moshe Feiglin’s query at the Knesset committee last week, the CEO revealed the company’s internal inspection mechanisms. These include Sarel’s amazing innovation, which allows the same person to be chairman of the company’s monetary committee, chairman of its internal inspection committee and the representative of the State Treasurer’s regulator. This is a huge savings for Sarel. When the chairman of the internal inspection committee discovers that the monetary committee, chaired by himself, is out of order, he can efficiently report on his conclusions to himself, the representative of the Regulator.


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