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Moshe Feiglin: Medical Cannabis will Eventually be Legal

In a television interview on Friday, Moshe Feiglin said that there are apparently two things preventing Israel from legalizing medical cannabis. One is a liberty issue: It is easier for the government to control the populace when so many normative citizens know that they can be arrested at any time for the ‘crime’ of using cannabis. The second issue is money. “The drug industry is second only to the military industry,” Feiglin noted. “If cannabis solves so many medical problems, the drug companies stand to lose. Approximately one third of our medicine cabinets would become unnecessary.”

Feiglin assured the moderator that getting medical cannabis to the people who need it would be accompanied by extensive education to ensure responsible use of the substance.

“Ultimately,” said Feiglin,  “the wall blocking the use of medical marijuana will fall. Medical cannabis is now legal in many places around the world, with positive results, and that trend will continue.”

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  1. mordyg says:

    Please can any one in your org. help me? I will be glad to be of public assistance in any way.

    Martin Greenfield MSW CASAP
     0155-39-307 TZ#
    Ben Tzion 2
    Jerusalem, Israel
    050-951-9696 cell
    077-300-3938 home and fax

    To the public relations office of the israel Ministry of Health

    I am writing because I have been delayed–and  possibly refused– medical help from my health provider after years of suffering from incredible pain.

    First I am going to give a brief history of the suffering I have experienced.  At the age of 15 I injured my lower back during sports and underwent traction, took Percodan and received regular cortisone injections.  At 16 I was thrown through the windscreen of a truck at 50 mph, leaving me with a dislocated shoulder and neck and back injuries. Two years later brought another injury when the car I was in was struck from the rear–more pain and more pain killers followed. Then in 1978 I suffered a degloving injury to my right hand and over a two-year period underwent over 18 reconstructive surgeries beginning with an abdominal flap. High dose pain meds, Talwin, Percodan, Stelazine, other antidepressants and physical therapy got me once again back on my feet–kind of.

    In August, 1979 I detoxed from all pain medications. I graduated (Deans list 4.0 GPA) from Florida International University with a BA in psychology and got married (1980), graduated with a MSW from Barry University in Miami, Florida and made Aliya with one child and a second in utero (1983). I later continued my psychological training and in 2002 Got a CASAP #028 from ACACD (Credentialed  Alcohol and Substance Abuse Professional [equivalent to the CASAC in New York] ) and was a member of its certification board while it functioned in Israel. I attended yeshiva and worked as a kitchen manager, cook and caterer. I was the franchise holder of BigDeal in Givat Shaul 2002-2004.

    In those years I was under treatment for arthritis, pain, obesity and general back and neck issues. I was working, many times, over 18 hours a day. In spite of continuing injuries and massive medication, I continued to work. I was given NSAIDs galore (later I was told that my one blocked cardiac artery may have been caused by NSAID plaque), Tramadex 300mg/day, Percocet, then OxyContin 120mg/day and Lyrica 150mg/day instead of a more timely THR. Finally In 2007 I had the THR and surgical repair of meniscus tear to my R knee. In 2010 I had a MCI, centaur and have a stent implanted. I continued to work as a cook in various catering companies and schools.  Three years ago after a work injury at Holy Bagel dislocating my left shoulder I became the head social worker for Eden International and stopped working in kitchens,

    Finally I was given a license for the Dangerous Drug Cannabis.

    Over the past year I have stopped using ALL MY OTHER MEDICATIONS OTHER THAN A BABY ASPRIN AND THYROXIN . That is hundreds of shekel savings on medication costs to me alone. How much was kupat cholim Macabi paying?

    I have continued to teach in several schools in Yerushalayim. I continue to volunteer weekly, as I have for the past six years, in the ceramics studio in the youth wing of the Israeli Museum. As of a few months ago I was still employed by Eden International. Unfortunately the increasing pain in my back, right hip and my impending R hip THR has made home visits with excessive traveling, climbing stairs and other pains too difficult and have forced me to stop working there. So I now learn a half a day in Machone Daniel, a learning program for mature men in Har Nof.

    I have eight children and eight grandchildren with more on the way, בלע״ה. I own my apartment in Kiryat Moshe and have only 10% mortgage left to pay. I own a car and it too is paid for. I am not a stoner sitting at home on my rear end.

    Now for my present  problem:

    I sent a request to renew my license in the beginning of February. This was in addition to my request to change providers and add 10g oil to my license that was sent and received by the Misrad Habryute In late December. I was warned by my pain physician not to send both the change of sapakim and the renewal, because it would be too early. I sent the request to renew my license at the beginning of February and confirmed as is required. I remember it clearly because it was a 25 minute waiting time on the phone for the cannabis machlaka to respond. I called on the 28th of April to see why my renewal was not received by Tikun Olam. I was told because I did not send my request or did not confirm. I did both.

    I asked the pakidah if there was never a case of the Maarechet  being mistaken.
    I asked for a name of a person who might look at this and respond before 45 business days.
    I asked if there was not one single person with a name and not just a fax number who might care that a 55 year old man will be in needless pain.

    The woman said NO to all three questions.

    I have had my license for two years. I am opioid free. I have a deteriorative condition. Barring the finding some other miracle cure I will likely need this treatment until I die.  I function and am able to put the pain aside, and I do productive work and am involved with my בלע״ה growing family. The pain is still there like a constant rumbling, but with the use of Cannabis I can detach from it.

    Last year there was a delay in my renewal as well. I wonder what the streets would look like if those on OxyContin needed to worry if they could get their dose this month or would need to go cold turkey. What of all those people dependent on other pain or psychoactive meds? What would it mean to their well being, what stress would be added to their lives if they had to add worry about renewal? Why are you torturing me? Why is there no recourse for chronic patients who have problems with the MaArechet to get a quicker, more humane response than ” suffer, it takes 45 business days,” not even a “sorry for your suffering”?

    I am scheduled to get my monthly prescription on the 15th of May. Please do not leave me with an opioid or pain choice only.

    Thank you in advance.

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