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Moshe Feiglin on Duma Firebomb: Why is Terror Against Jews Covered Up?

“The firebomb attack on the house in the Arab village of Duma is shocking and terrible,” said Moshe Feiglin.  “When the perpetrators are caught (no matter who they are) they must be severely punished.”

“Strangely,” Feiglin continued, “when Jews are murdered, Israel drags its feet before labeling a murder or attempted murder as a terror attack. The entire country knew who cut the rappelling ropes from which Netanel Arami HY”D was dangling and why Shalom Cherki HY”D was run over. But in those cases and many, many others, the truth has to be extracted from the police and intelligence forces as if it were a rotten tooth. The media do not hurry to point a blaming finger at what has tragically become a natural phenomenon, either.

But in the very few cases (totally disproportional) in which Arabs are murdered – everybody jumps the gun and knows just who to blame. Too many times, the accusations have been proven to be misdirected or downright false (remember the Muhamad al-Dura libel). But the terrible damage is already done, both within Israel and internationally. How can we complain about how the UN investigators treat our soldiers when we do the same to our fellow Jews?

This does not in any way minimize the severity of the act, which is disgusting.

I pray that we all return to a sense of sanity and brotherhood in these searing, hot summer days,” Feiglin concluded.


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