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Moshe Feiglin: Oslo Accords Caused Water Shortage

Interestingly, in both the speeches of Canadian PM Harper and EU Parliament President Schultz, the trigger for the uproar was the water issue. Water, logically, is a sensitive issue in our Land on the desert border.

The Oslo Accords that transferred Gaza and parts of Judea and Samaria to the PLO turned these areas into an ecological disaster zone. The water in the Mountain Aquifer (the largest in Israel) and the wells of Gaza have been drained  or dried up completely due to irresponsible pumping by the Arab locals. They are now filling with local, untreated sewage.  Private garbage dumps have sprung up all over the area and clouds of poisonous smoke rise from them on a constant basis. The water pumped out of the Mountain Aquifer is lacking throughout Israel. The smoke drifting through the air is not concerned by political maps.

As usual, the Jews are guilty. But this time, that is true. For if we have abandoned our central source of water to terror organizations, we cannot shirk our responsibility for the results.

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