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Moshe Feiglin: Return to Gaza to Stay

In a lengthy interview on Channel 2 Tuesday morning, Moshe Feiglin  made the following points:

Israel is fighting for  justice, not self-defense. This is our Land – Gaza included. As long as we cannot say that simple sentence, we will always lose. The Oslo misconception has collapsed in the dust of the missiles and bombs. As long as the misconception that this Land  belongs to another nation prevails, we will have to keep fighting in Gaza.

80% of the Gazan population would like to emigrate, according to a recent survey by ynet. We can give them a generous emigration package that would cost us just a fraction of what we are spending now.

When the IDF was in Gaza in the pre-Oslo days, there were no missiles in Tel Aviv. Those who pushed us to retreat from Gaza and now appear in the media as the voice of reason and rationality, saying that I am hallucinating when I talk about returning to Gaza, should look in the mirror to find the hallucinator.

A rocket or tunnel is not the enemy. The Hamas is the enemy and must be defeated. If all we want to do is weaken the Hamas or destroy the tunnels, we are setting the stage for the next war.

It is good to be ethical. But we have lost balance and are not acting ethically toward our own soldiers.


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