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Moshe Feiglin: To Silence Zuabis of the World, Israel Must Declare Sovereignty in Judea and Samaria

By saying that the kidnappers of the three Israeli boys are not terrorists, Arab MK Hanin Zuabi managed to unite the entire Israeli political spectrum against her. But the disgust with her is emotional, without much of a logical foundation. We are angry at Zuabi because in these difficult moments of solidarity – a time when we are all united behind our sons , whether they are putting their lives in danger for us all on the Marmara or were simply kidnapped from their parents – precisely at these intense national moments, this evil woman comes and adds insult to injury. We are furious, justifiably so.

But we must remember two things.

  1. The guilty party is not Zuabi, but the justice system that nullified the decision of the elected representatives of the public and made it possible for her to get re-elected to the Knesset.  As long as we continue to make the sovereignty of the people subservient to the High Court, as long as we continue to be ruled by the ‘courtocracy’ instead of democracy, the Zuabis will continue to have a field day.
  2. This is the main point: As long as we do not end the ‘occupation’ and declare complete sovereignty in our Land, as long as we continue to declare that we are occupiers in our own Land – the Zuabis will continue to claim that they are ‘freedom fighters’. And we will continue to wail.

For a further analysis of why Israel allows Zuabis in the Knesset, see Moshe Feiglin’s article, ‘It’s a Good Thing She’s in the Knesset’ 


2 Responses so far.

  1. jacob shuham says:

    After such inflammatory statements, perhaps it is good thing that she is being furnished with security.
    WHY is this obvious traitor allowed to remain to remain in
    Israel, much less keep her seat in The Knesset????

    • Avi Eisenberg says:

      Because history bores people (even our people) so they just don’t bother to remember it when it comes to handling this conflict. Look at the words even fairly right-wing Israeli media uses? They insist on still using the terms ‘Palestinian’ and ‘west bank’ even though both are either lies or misdirection by the Muslim Arabs to garner sympathy for their BS cause.

      MK Feiglin also wrote another great article on this topic that has a broken link to it at the bottom of this article (http://www.jewishisrael.org/good-thing-shes-knesset/). My favorite part was “She is convinced that if only we would give the Arab her cup of water and what we stole from her in 1967, she would forgive us for what we stole in 1948.” That is the quintessential left-wing mentality. They have fallen for the same propaganda we struggle against all the time and believe we’ve stolen land from the Muslims that they never had a right to in the first place. Hence, the spineless pathetic attempts at making peace. Peace will happen when the world says ENOUGH to the Islamic psychopaths.

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