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Moshe Feiglin’s Response to Current Events in Israel

Deputy Speaker of the Knesset Moshe Feiglin Responds to Current Events

Tamuz 5774/July ’14

Dear Citizens of Israel,

When the kidnapping of our sons became public, the Nation of Israel held its breath with prayer, anticipation and great unity. With sorrowful hearts and tearful eyes we were informed last night that the worst has happened. Once again, the bitter enemy has sunk its claws into our children, and the three boys stormily ascended to heaven. At this difficult moment, our hearts are with the dear families, the parents, the brothers, the sisters, the grandfathers and grandmothers, the yeshivas in which they learned and the communities in which they grew up.

This is a moment of truth, a fateful moment; a time in which we must examine ourselves, explore our next steps and determine what we must do now.

For the past twenty years, we have been deceiving ourselves. We have aggrandized the most despicable of murderers of our children, transforming them from what they really are – loathsome terror organizations – into a legitimate and accepted nation in the world. Worst of all, we have clearly declared that the Land of Israel, Jerusalem, our Holy Land, to which, with G-d’s grace we returned after 2000 years of exile and faith, pogroms and Holocaust, Zionism and rebirth – is theirs.

With the despicable handshake with the head of the murderers, we transformed ourselves into occupiers in our own Land, to foreigners in our birthplace. And the most important weapon – justice – we deposited into the hands of the most reprehensible of our enemies.

We had mercy on the cruel. Until this very day, we provide them with free electricity and truckloads of cash. They have cost us a trillion shekels since the infamous handshake, and they continue to cost us.

  • One trillion shekels would be the cost of an apartment for every family in Israel.
  • One trillion shekels means development, flourishing and respectable income.
  • One trillion shekels means health, education and true internal security.

But we invested all the abundance given us by our Father in Heaven over the last twenty years in separation fences, in sophisticated missiles to eliminate flies. Missiles which, in the moment of truth, will never suffice.

We have directly bribed our enemies with money and valuables so that they would allow us to continue to deceive ourselves.

We had mercy on the most cruel of our enemies. We convinced ourselves – and the world – that justice is on their side and that bribing them is the key to our well-being.

We had mercy on the cruel, but we were cruel to the merciful. Our brothers, lovers of the Land and its pioneers; the good and noble faces that we saw now while we searched for our kidnapped sons: We turned them into enemies.

“Enemies of peace”. We pursued them. We expelled them. We had no mercy.

We intentionally confused ourselves. We lost our sense of justice. We lost our self confidence. The cabinet ends its session without the ability to decide. We bomb empty fields. We lick our wounds, which become more and more infected,become deeper and deeper. And eventually, we return to our daily routines.

The moment of truth has arrived and we must choose.

We must return to ourselves.

We must return to our identity and to our G-d.

We will return to the meaning of our lives in this Land and we will restore our sense of justice. The first thing that must be done, immediately, is to end the occupation and to declare Israeli sovereignty over our entire Land.The IDF must immediately expel any Arab resident who was involved in the slightest way with terror or who supported terror. Residents who are not involved with terror or support of terror may sign a declaration of loyalty to the State of Israel, the state of the Jewish Nation and continue to live their lives in quiet and serenity.

Dear citizens,

Since the birth of the State and before then, we have witnessed waves of ice-breaking aliyah approximately every twenty years. These waves of immigration always surprise us anew and propelled Zionism to new horizons.

In the 30s, it was the ‘yekkim’ – Jews from Germany, who came and brought with them cultural and technological blessing. In the fifties, it was the Jews of North Africa and the Arab countries, who today make up approximately half of Israel’s citizens and without whom, we would not have a Jewish State – or any state.

In the seventies, it was the Jews from the USSR, who refreshed the forgotten Zionism and enriched our culture. In the nineties, it was the Jews of Russia and Eastern Europe, who came to work and turned Israel into an unprecedented technological and economic wonder. And our brothers, immigrants from Ethiopia, who brought with them good, innocent love for the Nation and the Land and important and spectacular cultural diversity.

And now, in the face of the economic and cultural collapse of the West and the rise of Anti-Semitism in both the East and West; in the face of the economic opportunities in Israel and our shared aspiration to preserve our national identity –

in the coming decade, with G-d’s help, we will see a million and a half new immigrants from Ukraine, France, England, America – from the entire world.

The end of the exile is approaching. The State of the Jews is about to become the State of All the Jews. These immigrants already meet in Israel the only community in the world that, demographically, is growing instead of shrinking.

Dear Israelis,

‘The beneficiary of a miracle doesn’t recognize his miracle ‘, said our Sages.

With our own eyes we are witnessing the realization of the words of our prophets;a miraculous, historic, unparalleled occurrence.

Parallel to that, over the border, all the puppet states founded by Western colonialism after World War I for the sons of Ishmael are melting before our eyes.

Look at Syria, look at Iraq – what wild men are advancing toward us.

Now, when all the abundance is presented to us on a silver platter,

will we give these beasts of the desert a foothold in the heart of our Land?

Will we delay the completion of the Zionist enterprise for another 2000 years?

The decision that is before us is a Ben-Gurion-like decision on the eve of the birth of the State.

Now is the time to decide:

Rebirth or collapse.

Triumph or, G-d forbid, defeat.

The city Modiin, in the foothills of Judea, must be replicated the length of our country. The new Modiin in the foothills of Gush Etzion will stretch until Kiryat Gat. Modiin in the foothills of the Talmon Bloc will overlook Tel Aviv.

  • Modiin in the foothills of the Shomron will stretch until the Sharon.
  • Modiin in the foothills of northern Shomron will overlook Afula and the north.

Jerusalem, the Holy City and site of the Temple, will become a major metropolis with an international airport in Atarot. The Government Complex will be moved to the City of David. Ma’aleh Adumim will also be duplicated along the foothills of the mountains to the east and the central mountains will be devoted to small villages, just a few minutes from the large cities.

We will not repeat the mistakes of the past. All the national lands will be allocated

by lottery to young couples and new immigrants. Every Jew will have a place in the Land of Israel at a reasonable price. For the Land of Israel belongs first and foremost to the People of Israel – to every individual in the Nation of Israel and only after that, to the State of Israel. There will be no more state profiteering from national land.

We will once again establish in our Land a just, free and effervescent society;

A truly liberal society.

Liberty born of identity.

We will once again establish for ourselves a state that affords meaning to our lives, enlightened by the vision of liberty and justice of the prophets of Israel.

Here, in the Land longed for by our forefathers, all the hopes will be realized – if we will once again believe in our G-d and ourselves.

There are those who are afraid of what the nations of the world will say.

They have trained us to think that our lives are dependent on them.

There is nothing to fear.

The State of Israel has withstood worse pressure, worse times than these, with far fewer tools at its disposal.

True, it will not be easy.

But at this difficult juncture, the future generations are watching us.

They watch, and anticipate.


Has our Father in Heaven summoned this challenge for no reason?

If our Father in Heaven has summoned this challenge upon us here and now it means that we can rise to it.

For the sake of our children.

For the sake of our one and only country.

We will remember now:

We have a G-d.

Justice is with us.

And therefore, we will triumph.

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