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Reader to PM: Adopt Moshe Feiglin’s Plan for Gaza

Dear PM Netanyahu,
My name is Mr. Henoch and I am a Christian-Zionist from The Netherlands.
On Friday a 4-year Israeli/Jewish child in South Israel was killed/murdered by a mortar shell attack of the Islamic Jihad terror faction from Gaza.
We love you, and we know you do everything you can, to prevent this from happening, but that is not enough..
We urge you, in the name of the God of Israel, to take dramatic and very drastic measures, to stop the rocket attacks and Islamic terror from Gaza.
I think you must go against the grain, and against all world opinions, and anti-Israel rhetoric.
Your MK Moshe Feiglin from your own Likud party, expressed already the solution for the Gaza problem, and it would be wise if you listen to him.
In this way, with the bombing of Gaza, you are not defending Israel properly, and you are not defending Israel at all, when little Israeli children die in the south by mortars/rockets.
Please, send in the tanks, shoot on terror pockets you encounter, let the Gaza population flee to Sinai/Egypt together with the Hamas-gang they support.
Take-over entire Gaza, annex it forever, add Gaza to the State of Israel, let the driven Jewish people from 2005 return there.
The so called world-powers will hate Israel/you for this decision, but it is Hashem’s will for you to do.
I am a peaceful person, but this will be right and just.
I hope and pray you will listen and do it as soon as possible!
Thank you for listening, and may Hashem bless you in the difficult task you have!
Shalom, from Holland


Another Letter from a Reader:

Every day is a New World. Three weeks ago, Moshe Feiglin sounded like an extremist for recommending an evacuation of Gaza. Last night Fox News reported that the IDF is assisting in evacuating 40,000 Gazans from the border areas. I pray that this is just the beginning of implementing Moshe’s strategy and the only way to achieve a final defeat of Hamas.

Seven weeks ago, the “Two State Solution” was widely acknowledged as the only path to Peace. Does anyone believe that anymore?


Scarsdale, New York


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