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Both of them are Catastrophes: By Moshe Feiglin

The two people more responsible than anyone else for the fact that the Nation of Israel cannot sleep soundly at night are Former PM Ehud Barak and PM Binyamin Netanyahu. They really do not have to leak secret information about […]

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Iran on Israel’s Borders: By Moshe Feiglin

The purpose of the agreement drawn up with Iran is not to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power. The agreement will simply be a fig leaf for the world leaders who have already accepted a nuclear Iran as fact.
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We Cease, They Fire: By Shmuel Sackett

22 Menachem Av, 5774/August 18, ’14

I have spent the past few weeks speaking in many different Jewish communities in the USA. So far, I have addressed over 2,000 people with an explanation of what is going on in Israel and […]

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