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Moshe Feiglin: Negotiations Will Collapse, Israel Will be Blamed

Clearly, Abu Mazen will not agree to Kerry’s security arrangements. The negotiations will collapse , terror will explode and Israel will be blamed.
Why does this keep happening? Why does Israel, always willing to negotiate, lose its international legitimacy while those […]

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Stop Blaming John Kerry: By Shmuel Sackett

Lately, many people have been forwarding me angry emails that they sent to newspapers, magazines and blogs regarding Secretary of State John Kerry. All of these emails and letters criticize Kerry – in very strong terms – over his treatment […]

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My Coffee Break with an Arab MK

By Moshe Feiglin
Translated from Makor Rishon
“I believe in the person,” said the Arab MK to me. “Not in land.”
I took a sip of my coffee and answered.
“I believe in the connection between the person and the land.”
“And this land that […]

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