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Moshe Feiglin: Medical Cannabis will Eventually be Legal

In a television interview on Friday, Moshe Feiglin said that there are apparently two things preventing Israel from legalizing medical cannabis. One is a liberty issue: It is easier for the government to control the populace when so many normative citizens […]

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Moshe Feiglin: Medical Marijuana Prohibited, but Medical Suicide with Prescription Drugs Fine?

Once again, Health Minister Yael German and the Ministers Legislative Committee have abandoned the ill and IDF wounded who urgently need medical marijuana. The bill that I submitted to the Knesset, which would have immediately relieved these sufferers, was postponed […]

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Jerusalem Post: Feiglin: Lack of Parkinson’s disease specialists means many patients do not get treatment on time

05/26/2014 18:05
There are 334 Israelis with Parkinson’s per 100,000 residents, a very high rate compared with other developed countries.
There is a severe shortage of physicians who specialize in treating Parkinson’s disease – only one per 2,272 patients, according to […]

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