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Breitbart: Exclusive – Israeli Leader Moshe Feiglin: Time for Israel to Annex West Bank, Gaza Strip

By Aaron Klein,

It is time for Israel to formally abandon the so-called two-state solution as well as the concept of a Palestinian state and instead push for the complete Israeli annexation of the West Bank and retaking of the […]

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Moshe Feiglin on Israel Army Radio: Open the Media and Remedy Corruption

Do you think that Netanyahu has to go?
I think that he should have gone in 1996, when he hugged Arafat and bound us all to the Oslo Accords. He has to go for strategic reasons. That is why I joined […]

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Interview with Moshe Feiglin on Arutz 7 Culture Corner

This article appeared last Thursday on the Arutz 7 Hebrew website: 
 What movie do you recommend?
The Pianist, by Roman Polanski. It is a Holocaust movie, but not really. First of all, it is a joy for all lovers of good music in […]

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Moshe Feiglin: Israel Must Take Practical Steps to Show Jerusalem is Ours

Translated transcript of Moshe Feiglin on the Aryeh Golan Morning Radio Show: KAN
We return to Trump’s historic declaration on Jerusalem yesterday. We are talking with the Chairman of the Zehut party, Former MK Mr. Moshe Feiglin. Good morning to you.
Good […]

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Israel National News: Feiglin: No to Palestinian State Next to Israel

Former MK Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of the Zehut Party, criticized the Netanyahu government in the wake of the Trump peace initiative, which will be presented soon.
“Faithful to the Bar-Ilan speech, Netanyahu is continuing to advance the Palestinian state, which will […]

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Moshe Feiglin: Israel’s Aid to Jewish Houston Historic

Israel’s cabinet unanimously voted today to accept Minister Nafatali Bennett’s proposal and to send $1 million dollars of aid to the Jewish community in Houston.
I applaud Minister Bennett and the cabinet. The economic significance of this decision is strictly symbolic. […]

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Israel National News: Feiglin: Tell Trump ‘No Thanks’
“Zehut” party head former MK Moshe Feiglin came out against the weapons deal signed by US President Donald Trump with Saudi Arabia.
Trump arrived in Saudi Arabia at the end of last week, and signed a deal worth $110 billion with the Arab […]

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Moshe Feiglin: Position of Trust Bill Major Step Against Judicial Crony Sytem

MK Amir Ohana has just proposed an eminently important bill – to make the position of legal advisor to the government ministers a position of trust. The opposition of the Left, led by the Civil Service Commissioner, highlights the two […]

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Feiglin: Netanyahu Turned Trump into a More Potent Obama

 May 10, 2017


Yoel Domb, Arutz Sheva

In wake of reports that President Trump has decided not to transfer the US embassy to Jerusalem, the head of the Zehut (Identity) party, Moshe Feiglin, responded and stated that this was a foregone conclusion.
“As […]

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