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Dr. Nitza Kahane, Research Fellow, Hebrew University Medical School

“Moshe Feiglin will bring the Likud and Israel’s government the values and accountability so vital to Israeli society.”
Gidon Ariel, Likud Central Committee Member, IDF Captain“I am proud to be a member of the Likud and believe in Moshe Feiglin’s integrity.”
Yehudit Dasberg, Businesswoman, Bereaved Mother“Moshe Feiglin is the only person in politics who plans a bright, optimistic and Jewish future for the State of Israel. I trust him and believe in him.”
Dr. Esther Gudiner, Cultural Anthropologist, Veteran Olah from FSU“As a historian, I believe that leaders like Moshe are born only once in a century (if at all). I am a secular Israeli who believes that Feiglin is just what Israel needs.”
Emanuel Gertel, Likud Central Committee Member“Moshe Feiglin has the most realistic grasp on reality from among all the politicians that I have encountered.”
Yaakov Varker, Likud Central Committee Member“Feiglin is a man of integrity. He is honest, reliable and loyal. Moshe Feiglin has my trust!”