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A Shabbat Nachamu Like Never Before: By Shmuel Sackett

Tisha B’av is over and the time for comfort has arrived. Since the next fast day is far away, a whopping 46 days (yes, I counted), there’s plenty of time to focus on food, fun and swimming. There’s just one […]

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A Different Way to Cry During the Three Weeks: By Shmuel Sackett

I want to state loud and clear – in the opening sentence of this article – that I do not cry over the loss of the Bet Ha’Mikdash during the Three Weeks and Nine Days. Yes, I fasted on the […]

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How to Live Longer: By Shmuel Sackett

It’s official! The World Health Organization just released its “Global Health Observatory” report and Japan is the #1 country with the longest life expectancy on Planet Earth! Yey… I always knew sushi was healthy!! According to the report, people tend […]

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25 Years and Still Smiling: By Shmuel Sackett

This week I celebrated my 25th Aliyah anniversary… and I am still smiling!
I still break my teeth speaking Hebrew, have problems reading the Yediot Aharonot  newspaper (not such a loss) and can’t figure out why I work on Sunday but – I am still  smiling! I pay close to $8.00 a gallon for gas (so stop complaining about gas prices in the USA),  check every Pesach product 12 times for Kitniyot and get headlights flashed at me from  the car behind me even though I am driving 20 miles over the speed limit (how fast is HE  going???) but – I am still smiling! I go to miluim (army reserves) every year even though they don’t let me shoot anybody,  pay a ridiculous TV tax even though I don’t have a TV and eat about 15 sufganiyot on  Chanukah even though 14 of them never have jelly but – I am still smiling!
Since I am one of those “crazy” people who had the nerve of opposing the Oslo “Peace  Process” (how dare did I do such a thing???) I had the honor of being beaten by Israeli  riot policemen, been arrested 10 times, convicted of sedition, sentenced to 12 months  in prison and fired from my job by Shulamit Aloni (remember her?) yet, through all of  it… I am still smiling!
Of course I do not smile when I think of this week’s renewed rocket attacks in southern  Israel. I also do not smile when I remember my dear friends Binyamin and Talia Kahane  with whom I ate lunch four days before their tragic murder by terrorists who received  guns from Shimon Peres. I do not smile when I think of my close friend Hillel Lieberman  who I used to daven with in Kever Yosef and talk with at length about the holy city of  Shechem. Furthermore, I do not smile at the fact that at Hillel’s funeral, I was shot at by  Arabs. Only a miracle guided those bullets away from my car. And finally, I do not smile  at the saddest day of my entire Aliyah – just 4 months after I arrived here – when I  joined 150,000 Jews in burying my holy and amazing Rebbe; HaRav Meir Kahane ztz”l.  On that sad day I waited in line to say some Tefillot by his newly dug grave and vowed to  do whatever I could to bring his dream of Israel as a strong and proud Jewish State to  fruition. Baruch Hashem, I have kept that neder as I work, night and day, to bring new  leadership to this country that follows his vision.
And so, even though not all of the 9,000+ days have been rosy, I am still smiling because I know that in the end we will emerge victorious. Good will defeat evil and  those that work to sanctify Hashem’s Name will beat those who desecrate it. New  leaders who are beaming with Jewish pride will soon lead Israel and the once mighty IDF  will return to become the army of Hashem it was in 1967.
The first 25 years are now over and I thank Hashem for being with me every step of the  way. My wife gave birth to two beautiful babies here in Israel (the littlest one went to  the army this week for her testing and physical exams!!) and they joined our four  American imports, Baruch Hashem. We built a house, walked four children down to  their chuppa and had our son’s bar mitzvah catered by Kentucky Fried Chicken (try that in the States!!)
What will the next 25 years bring? I pray that Hashem will guide me, my family and all of  Klal Yisrael in doing what needs to be done to end the pain and suffering of His people. I  beg that Hashem help us in sanctifying His great and holy Name and hope that the  shedding of Jewish blood is over forever. By the time I write my article for my 30th […]

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When Emunah is not Enough: By Shmuel Sackett

1 Elul, 5774/August 27, ‘14
The big word on the streets these days is “Emunah”. Best selling books such as “The Garden of Emunah” can be found everywhere and shiurim on this important subject are given daily. I am a big […]

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Shmuel Sackett Discusses the Situation in Israel on Chazaq Radio

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Moshe Feiglin Greets New US Olim

“This morning,” wrote MK Moshe Feiglin on his Facebook page, “I had the privilege of greeting hundreds of new olim (immigrants) to Israel from the US. Seeing these enthusiastic, idealistic olim always brings tears to my eyes.” Read More

Moshe Feiglin: Exodus 2014

Newsweek’s front page this week is about the exodus of European Jewry from Europe – now, in 2014.
“Remaining in Belgium was not really an option,” says Moriah, a new immigrant to Israel pictured on the front page.
The war in Israel […]

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What is the Vision? By Shmuel Sackett

2 Av, 5774/July 29, ‘14
This Shabbos is called “Chazon” which means vision and looking towards the future. It’s not a personal vision but a national one and based on that, I always ask myself the same question: Exactly what is […]

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Moshe Feiglin: 1.5 Million to Make Aliyah to Israel in Coming Decade

On Thursday morning, 400 new olim from France arrived in Israel. From the beginning of Operation Protective Edge more than 1000 olim have arrived. Not one of them has cancelled his/her aliyah because of the rocket attacks.
MK Moshe Feiglin repeated […]

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