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Manhigut Yehudit Audio

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Manhigut Yehudit Video

עניין החירות זה מה שמחבר אותנו What Brings Us TogetherMoshe Feiglin, Zehut Party ChairmanMoshe Feiglin on Spin Roomח”כ משה פייגלין בעצרת תמיכה בקנאביס רפואי בת”א Watch the Revolution: Tel Aviv Cheers for Feiglinמשה פייגלין: החיים הם הנצחון, לא המוות Moshe […]

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Who Are We?

Simply Jews
We are simply Jews, with no added definitions. We do not call ourselves Orthodox, Conservative or Reform – neither “right-wing” nor “left-wing.” Like the overwhelming majority of Jews, we believe in G-d, Who has brought us back to […]

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The Birth of Manhigut Yehudit
In 5752 (1992) the Labor party’s Yitzchak Rabin became Prime Minister of Israel. Rabin’s government subsequently initiated and signed the Oslo Accords, creating a fracture in Religious Zionism and threatening the settlements in Yesha both ideologically […]

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Dr. Nitza Kahane, Research Fellow, Hebrew University Medical School

“Moshe Feiglin will bring the Likud and Israel’s government the values and accountability so vital to Israeli society.”

Gidon Ariel, Likud Central Committee Member, IDF Captain“I am proud to be […]

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In a Nutshell: Manhigut Yehudit Position Paper

The goal of Manhigut Yehudit is the transformation of the State of Israel into an authentically Jewish state.  The return of the Jewish people to its land has created a thriving, successful and powerful state.  But the State of Israel […]

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The War of Dreams

Moshe Feiglin’s second book, “The War of Dreams,” is a 607 page selection of the hundreds of articles that he has written. The articles span an eight year period – from 1997 to the Disengagement in 2005. Feiglin’s impressive prescience […]

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Where there are no Men

Moshe Feiglin’s first book, “Where there are no Men,” is a chronicle of the Zo Artzeinu activities. The book was published four times and in three languages: Hebrew, English and Russian.  Read More