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Who are we?



Simply policy-holders in an insurance company called the State of Israel?

What narrative do we share? Do we have a shared founding ethos?

What does being a Jewish State mean?

Do we have a common identity?

Should we search for it and attempt to alter it to our needs?

Jewish identity does not mean religious coercion.

It means:

* Empowerment of our Jewish cultural common denominator

* Removing the barriers of fear and coercion

* Allowing the true will of the majority to be expressed in the fashioning of our national Jewish identity

A Jewish State must have a clear and solid Jewish identity; not necessarily a religious identity, but a cultural identity. We oppose religious legislation. Instead, let us allow the Jewish cultural common denominator to freely develop. There is no law requiring circumcision but the vast majority of Jews – observant and non-observant – circumcise their baby sons. This principle can be applied to other religious legislation, as well. If the community desires, it should be able to institute  privately provided public transportation on Shabbat. The same goes for commerce on Shabbat. We can rely on the Jews, who, by a vast majority – more than 80% – are deeply connected and committed to their Jewish identity. Coercion elicits an  opposite reaction. We must highlight and empower our Jewish identity by removing the barriers of fear and coercion, allowing the true will of the majority to be expressed in fashioning our national Jewish identity.

Since our return to our Homeland, where the historic Nation of Israel’s image was forged, the State of Israel has careened between two options.

The Jewish option is to perpetuate the historic Nation of Israel, to connect to its roots, to continue to develop its national culture and original values and to strive to realize its historic goals.

The other option is to transform the historic Nation of Israel into an “Israeli nation” disengaged from its heritage: a new nation composed of a mix of nations, including those who are descended from Jews

The vast majority of the Nation of Israel – the Jewish majority – chooses the Jewish option time and again. This majority, however, is not aware of the fact that its Jewish identity requires preservation, nourishment and leadership determined to make it flourish.

On the other hand, the minority strives to erase the identity of the historic Nation of Israel and to turn it into “an Israeli nation” detached from its past. This minority has established a determined and focused leadership, which knew how to seize control of the power hubs in the country and to tirelessly activate them to achieve its goals.

As a result, Jews are a majority in Israel, but in practice, this majority has no public influence. Public systems have been emptied of their content. They lack fundamental, original Jewish-Israeli meaning.

Manhigut Yehudit’s goal is to provide the State of Israel with leadership founded on the values of Israel, its tradition and the innovative thought process of the Jewish Nation. We strive to create a truly free state in Israel, with no coercion of any kind: religious or secular: a modern, thriving state that absorbs aliyah, is secure in its identity and proud of its heritage and that incorporates is Jewish values in all facets of its life.

For ultimately, the Jewish majority strives to live here together and illuminate the world.


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