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  •  Israel’s judges should be elected by the public’s elected representatives and should reflect the values of the nation. The election process must be conducted with complete transparency.
  • Legislation of the role and authority of the Attorney General.
  • The Attorney General will be appointed by the government and will serve throughout the government’s term.
  • The State Prosecution will become an independent body to be elected by Israel’s elected representatives.
  • Every candidate and office holder in the justice system will have proven knowledge of the Jewish Legal Code.

The Supreme Court is the central axis that promotes the attack on the values of the Jewish majority. All those forces that seek to crush the traditional family, to muddle Jewish values and to detach the bond between security for the Jews and the justness of the Jewish claims to their Land rely on the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court appoints itself with the “old boy” system, forcing its anti-Jewish values on the nation. In essence, there is no elected regime in Israel today; the actual source of authority in Israel is the Supreme Court. Taking advantage of the oblivion of our elected officials, the Supreme Court has robbed sovereignty from the people and preserved it for its own agenda. Moshe Feiglin proposes immediate reform of the judicial system so that the elected representatives of the people – the Knesset members – will elect the judges. In this way the justice system will reflect the values of the nation.