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Convenience? Or Liberty? By Moshe Feiglin

Why wasn’t I surprised to learn that in Sweden, people are happily implanting microchips into their arms  to make their lives more convenient?

Microchip implants for humans? Even Orwell didn’t think of that.

 I wasn’t surprised because I already heard all these claims when I fought against the biometric passport here in Israel:

  • They know everything about me anyway, so why should I have to wait in lines?

  • I have nothing to hide.

  • It is good for the war against crime.

  • I will get discounts in stores.

  • I won’t have to take my credit cards with me.

  • It is impossible to steal or forge.

Today, your phone can serve as an eavesdropping device even if it is turned off. But you can still remove the battery. How do you remove the battery from a microchip in your arm? And how will you know who is surveilling you? The cops? Or the robbers?

Companies in the US and Europe have already begun to implant these microchips into their employees. You are not required to do so, but you know, many people out there would love your job. And they already have microchips in their arms…

Soon, the microchip will be implanted in our brains (the technology already exists) and we will be able to improve our moods – wow, that’s great! We will all run and pay for the upgrade, which will also update Big Brother on our preferred candidates before the elections.

Why wasn’t I surprised to learn that it is a Nordic country that is already implanting microchips?

Because a country that easily surrenders its identity (the Nordic countries have decided to commit cultural suicide and devote themselves to Islam) simultaneously surrenders its liberty.

Without identity, liberty cannot exist.

But who needs liberty when you have ‘democracy’?


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